Volkswagen launches Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40

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Source : Volkswagen launches Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40 Golf GTI Clubsport edition 40 celebrates 40 years of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, with up to 286bhp in addition to a starting cost of £ 30 875


Volkswagen launched Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40, the strongest point GTI- golf than ever.

in addition to special- ed Golf GTI celebrates 40 years of the Golf GTI, in addition to, thanks to the overboost function additional booster, has up to 286bhp in addition to 258lb ft of torque on tap. Without further enhanced overboost, in addition to the engine has 261bhp. This kind of allows the GTI Clubsport edition 40 to 62mph in 6.3sec, top speed can be limited to 155mph.

This kind of can be an improvement of 0.2sec 0-62mph time record for GTI (0.1 sec on the GTI performance), in addition to an increase of at least 3mph over 153mph top speed record for GTI. Function can be enhanced further overboost available in third gear in addition to above, in addition to states which the figure higher authority for up to ten seconds. in addition to increased CO2 emissions claimed 158g / km than the standard GTI at 139g / km, while the economy declines in fuel consumption by 6.2mpg to 40.9.

from the £ 30 875, Edition 40 sits between the Golf GTI performance in addition to £ 26 825 £ 31 125 a starting cost of Game Golf R . Engine can be a tweaked edition of the TSI 1984cc unit used from the game of Golf R, with the handover of power to the front wheels.

external upgrades on the standard GTI include a brand-new bumper with increased aerodynamics in addition to lower airways, in addition to additional air intakes included in Rabat. As the brand-new publisher has been added at the rear, as well as upgrade the spoiler in addition to brand-new alloy wheels 18in. The chassis of the brand-new dynamic antenna contrasting black gloss. Paint colors are limited to black, white, red in addition to silver, both metal in addition to non-metal gray, while the roof can be black can be optional.

inside, plates exclusive trim sign of the Edition 40, as well as the appropriate label features the standard can be private between the Golf GTI Edition. Featuring Alcantara on the steering wheel in addition to gearstick, while the ‘ad hoc’ door mats are also standard.

part Alcantara bucket seats are optional, in addition to the upgrade to the box on the DSG ‘can be a premium £ 1415, however includes launch control. Dynamic control structure in addition to 19in alloy wheels are also optional extras, the standard tires or semi-slick. The all 5-door Golf GTI Clubsport 40 edition starts at £ 31530.

limited production timetable, although Volkswagen expects to sell fewer than 1,000 of the special edition Golf GTI. the idea can be required to take place from the summer, the first shipments.

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Source: Volkswagen launches Golf GTI Clubsport Edition 40

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