Volkswagen launches fresh modular petrol engines

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Source : Volkswagen launches fresh modular petrol engines

VW TSI 2016 This specific is usually due first, along with also most likely within the next Rock T- T- along with also Cross SUV 1.5 TSI, promising gains in power along with also the economy in fuel consumption along with also low emissions


Volkswagen released details of the next generation of TSI turbo petrol engine line-up, before its public debut in Vienna on the scope of the international symposium for cars next month.

so-called Evo range EA2111 TSI is usually a typical family in which is usually said to provide more power, improved upon fuel economy along with also lower emissions than its predecessors. Featuring turbochargers variable geometry (VGT) along with also the combustion process Miller cycle – the same process used in Audi Drive Image 2.0 fresh liter appeared within the latest A4

is usually supposed to be used within the next generation of Golf GTI in a more effective form of in which unit 187bhp, although the item has not yet been confirmed. So far, the only confirmed the engine of the fresh group is usually the 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit, which is usually available in 128bhp along with also 148 bhp appearances.

along with also TSI 1.5 replaces the unit 1.4 liters of generation current TSI will form the basis for the next generation of plug-in hybrid engines for the production of copies of T- Cross , T- cross breeze along with also T- Rock , as well as golf along with also Tiguan (in both standard along with also long) axes, Passat along with also perhaps Turan .

1.5 VW says will make production later This specific year, although the item is usually not yet the product in which you will get the item for the very first time confirmed.

has been selected larger 1.5-liter displacement as the largest size in which fits in certain Chinese road tax category (to emphasize how important This specific market is usually global decisions), along with also also because of the VW wants a fresh unit to produce more torque than scale outgoing.

The size of the enlarged cylinder combines with the use of technology VGT to provide a wider window of a boost, with the effects felt via as low as 1300rpm. within the chart below, shows the torque (blue) along with also power curves (red) of the 128bhp 1.5 TSI engine, along with also shows how the peak torque is usually available up to 4000rpm along with also peak power is usually reached after about 1000rpm.

along with improved upon cooling, exhaust manifold integrated moving parts along with also more freedom, the fresh TSI engines also feature cylinder deactivation technology. 1.5 TSI engine is usually able to shut down two of the four cylinders in certain driving conditions, helping to enhance efficiency by 10% along with also you need up-to-liters less fuel per 62 miles at its most frugal.

Volkswagen says the low inertia along with also the latest direct injection technology – which uses the injector tip is usually smaller than 6MM who works at speeds of up to 350bar pressure – also gives the fresh TSI engines respond faster along with also cleaner exhaust emissions rates. This specific would certainly help within the range to comply with the next phase of the borders of the European CO2, which requires manufacturers to reduce the average CO2 emissions via the line-up to 95 g along with also / km via 2020.

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Source: Volkswagen launches fresh modular petrol engines

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