Volkswagen holds stance on no dieselgate compensation for Europe

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Source : Volkswagen holds stance on no dieselgate compensation for Europe

Volkswagen emissions scandal he said Volkswagen coach Volkswagen Group Matthias Mueller, which provides customers with the Europeans compensation along the lines of the United States along with pack the repurchase would certainly be appropriate


Volkswagen has held its position on the European compensation inside the wake of the emissions scandal, despite pressure via European leaders, including the British government, so to provide compensation along with re-buy package like the one offered to buyers affected in


Volkswagen Group boss Matthias Mueller United States German newspaper Welt am Sonntag to offer a similar deal would certainly be inappropriate along with unsustainable, with the total cost inside the United States

“, do not have to be a mathematician to realize that will compensation at high levels arbitrarily would certainly overwhelm the Volkswagen,” he said amounting to only $ 15 billion (about £ 11.3 billion at current exchange rates).

This kind of was.

Mueller pointed out that will inside the United States, more stringent emission limits, along with that will means a quick fix, such as those provided by European owners can be not possible. He added that will the European offer to buy back such as the one seen inside the United States will not succeed because of the different laws along with regulations here option.

Reaffirming his point of view

This kind of can be not the very first time that will the refusal CEO of Volkswagen invitations to European compensation. Earlier This kind of year, Mueller spoke to Autocar at the VW annual meeting inside the United Kingdom, noting that will customers are unlikely to offer a similar deal because the situation can be very different on This kind of side of the Atlantic.

“the overall situation can be different, said between European countries along with between the United States along with Europe.” “For example, when we compare Europe with the United States over the entire bearing on what can be under discussion inside the United States to additional parts of the earth will not happen.”

Mueller explained that will the European emissions car maker since the reforms must not hinder performance, the situation was completely different.

“that will can be our goal along with so far we’ve stuck to This kind of that will the renewal of our cars will not lead to lower performance or affect the fuel consumption. This kind of was our goal along with yet we were able to implement This kind of.”

VW little knee diesel inside the first wave of reforms emissions

owners Nations itself States may find with low fuel economy after applying the fix, However, VW offers to buy diesel cars affected by the scandal there. This kind of also provides the owners of “significant compensation” of $ 5,000 each.

former VW boss Winterkorn to receive £ 7M, the company recognizes the diesel reforms delayed

British government pressure

in response to a question about the announcement of the compensation inside the United States by Belfast Telegraph , said a spokeswoman for British Prime Minister David Cameron earlier This kind of year: “This kind of’s Volkswagen’s to explain the approach taken inside the states that will judicial different. Volkswagen has pressed the government on an issue of This kind of kind of compensation.

“We expect VW to deal with customers inside the UK along with to some extent addressed adequately fears. along with pressed the Minister of Transport Volkswagen on the specific issue of This kind of contradiction compensation. “

Despite growing pressure, VW has maintained that will he did not believe that will breaking any European emissions laws through the setup of the software testing cheat them

compensation, repurchase provided to customers operations in United States

inside the United States, along with the offer to buy back cars inside the market value applies to both the 2.0-liter diesel engines Voss 500000 caught inside the scandal. gave the court headed by US District judge Charles Breyer scant details of the agreement inside the US United hearing nevertheless revealed that will Volkswagen will pay also to the environment Fund along with the commitment of additional funds to promote green automotive technology.

Breyer described only offer compensation as a “substantial” nevertheless indicate unconfirmed reports that will Volkswagen paying customers affected by dieselgate 5000 $ (about 3500 £) each. will VW also include all costs to remove the devices defeat of damaged cars, which were found to be running with the software that will enabled them to deceive the emissions tests again in 2015.

VW emissions scandal: the German government found that will only Volkswagen Group used devices defeat

carmaker revealed that will This kind of has allocated more than £ 12.6bn, with £ 6bn of deals repair or re the purchase along with the rest of the litigation, including fines along with legal fees.


lawyer VW Robert Giuffra first court agreement also committed to “Volkswagen to re-earn the trust of its customers, its dealers, regulators, along with all of America: a positive step inside the company to regain customers. These agreements are an important step forward on the road to make things the record straight “

deal analysis, said Christian Stadler, a professor of strategic management at the College of Warwick Business:” what remains uncertain can be whether This kind of also eliminates Volkswagen issues along with Volkswagen with the US Department of Justice. there are a civil suit on the waiting list inside the context of ongoing criminal investigations. If This kind of also enables the deal to resolve these issues This kind of can be genuinely great for Volkswagen “

VW Touareg along with remind Porsche Cayenne: confirmed the figures, the United Kingdom

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Source: Volkswagen holds stance on no dieselgate compensation for Europe

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