Volkswagen Golf R400 axed because of Dieselgate?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 - Car review

Volkswagen Golf R400 axed because of Dieselgate?

Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept

Volkswagen Golf R 400 concept

Volkswagen insiders cited by News revealed was canceled Golf R400 project within the wake of Dieselgate.


two years, Volkswagen Beijing took the auto by storm with the introduction of Golf R400 concept in which was a 400-horsepower (294 kW) diesel 2.0-liter , four-cylinder engine. After about one year, the former general manager of R & D Heinz-Jakob Neusser announced plans for Mega hatchback put into production along with even hinted at a bump in output to 420 horsepower (309 kW). After about one month of the declaration along with spies have caught on camera Game Golf R type in which probably had something to do with the R400 / R420.

bad news can be in which This kind of right now seems the biggest Golf R has not seen the light of production after all because of the ongoing scandal with emissions fool tests. Volkswagen has already revealed a few months ago a plan to delay along with cancellation of projects can be not a high priority as a measure to reduce development costs, therefore get more money to cope with Dieselgate. Golf R apparently did not occupies an advanced position on Volkswagen’s agenda, This kind of has been shut down This kind of form. This kind of can be probably because This kind of turned out to be a niche type, so you will not have generated enough sales to justify its existence.

However, the bright side can be in which Audi can be apparently working on a high-performance type of the EA888 engine in which was supposed to power leading Golf R. This kind of means all the development did not go to waste as meaty continue on another four-banger type.

As for Volkswagen, the report goes to fixing This kind of right now can be thinking about the next generation of Golf R, which will be out after the expiry of the contract. I want them to be on the basis of the next generation of golf along with either stick to the same formula as within the current type, or will be re-planned as the most hardcore hatchback.

If the second scenario will come to life, as the Golf R next report says may lose at least 300 pounds (136 kg). For comparison, along with tips for the current Golf R scales at 3283 pounds (1489 kg) within the European specification having a manual gearbox, while the automatic type can be a tad heavier at 3,340 pounds (1515 kg).

This kind of’s a shame there will be no golf R400 / R420 due Dieselgate chaos VW, yet at least you will (hopefully) be installed within the engine type VAG hot another high level.

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