Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S smashes Nürburgring record

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Source : Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S smashes Nürburgring record

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S faster Golf GTI operating shaved 1.4sec by standard time former, developed by the Honda Civic Type-R. Clubsport S gets “Setting ring bodywork concentrated along with 306 bhp


Volkswagen claimed Nurburgring record lap car with front wheel drive with the hottest Golf GTI than ever before, along with Clubsport 306bhp S, before revealing the vehicle in case of excited Worthersee VW This particular week.

along with Clubsport S, which is actually even stronger than four-wheel-drive game Golf R , which most of the Golf GTI up right now focus on the track, along with recorded a lap 49.21sec 7min Volkswagen around the Nurburgring Nordschleife. before the official disclosure of the type, given Autocar exclusive access to the vehicle along with its engineers during the final tests at the German circuit.

can see in these pictures as , a few key identifiers occasion Clubsport S out of the Golf GTIs regular type along with the standard Clubsport. Although the aero package has not changed by those Clubsport, along with S features a dual exhaust largest, S additional notation wheels 19in needed to tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 of which the item is actually standard on This particular pioneering initiative.

EXCLUSIVE: We ride around the Nurburgring from the VW Golf GTI Clubsport S


to achieve This particular time lap the Nurburgring, which is actually faster than of which 1.4sec by preproduction Honda Civic type R , which previously held the record, Clubsport S have been modified on a large scale At the bottom. Thanks mostly to remove the rear seats along that has a lot of sound deadening material, has been reduced weight by 30KG. Manual six-speed gearbox has not changed by of which of the standard GTI, with VW saying of which the time gained in times of transformation using DSG loss resulting by the death 20KG weight dual-clutch automatic. along with retaining the manual gearbox also appeal to purists will want to VW along with customers on a limited range of 400 Clubsport šš. the item is actually likely of which option at no cost, along with screen information along with entertainment smaller fitted to This particular car is actually anticipated to be the only system available air conditioning.

along with comprehensive re-drafting of includes a suspension of adaptive dampers of which have been calibrated to include engineers, dubbed the “Nürburgring set up as part of the development of individuals. This particular keeps the elastic dampers to some extent to deal with This particular type of surfaces awkward along with undulations of which characterize the German circuit, yet with sufficient control to ensure quick time.

there are also revisions engineering along with solidly on both axes, along with the disc to the camber along with castor, along with aims to give Clubsport S more stubborn turn in along with enhance the driver’s confidence. as the item gets on the type of the aluminum front sub-frame, aluminum tankers brakes, the latter benefited unsprung weight along with This particular is actually the key to composure at the Nurburgring

Q & a with me along with shutter – Volkswagen -breaking company “log driver loop

system VAQ of which mimics the differential limited slip is actually standard along with unchanged by the setup in Clubsport , along with package Golf GTI performance along with various other hot hatches from the Volkswagen Group, yet with the extra power along with the suspension overhauled, along with S Clubsport is actually a long way beyond the capacity of those cars. For reference, the performance Golf GTI lap the Nurburgring package in 26sec 8min, nearly 37 seconds slower than the Clubsport S.


brake calipers along with S are also regular Clubsport, although the front discs thicker cushion developer has used materials to withstand repeated hard use. Unlike rival Renault Megane RS 275 Alkos- R , will not be sold from the S Clubsport that has a roll cage or harnesses

has increased

energy significantly higher than a regular Golf GTI Clubsport. While the vehicle makes 261bhp, along that has a different 286bhp transient overboost enhanced, along with Clubsport S produces 306bhp, thanks to the brand-new exhaust along with revised mapping of the EA888 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine. the item is actually not released exact performance figures, yet expects Clubsport S to hit 60mph by a standstill in six seconds or be limited to a maximum speed of 155mph less, along with although the vehicle lap record topped 157mph.

power figure during the summer along with Clubsport S makes the item the most powerful Golf production yet along with is actually equal to the Honda Civic Type R

tires by the Golf GTI win VW record Nurburgring car

revealed Stefan Jess, chairman of Volkswagen to develop the chassis, along with of which he had learned by the growing customer demand for hot hatchback of which focus on the track along with was conscious of the absence of VW of ” I want to be able to give customers who want to go on the right track Volkswagen, not OPC [Opel] car or Megan [Renault Sport] or anything else, “said market. the item’s a. “This particular [Nurburgring] is actually kind of my home track, along with when we look at the tourist days, I see a lot of cars competition. We would certainly like to see more of our cars.”

at the present time there is actually no word on the availability or pricing of the Golf GTI Clubsport S, although Volkswagen expects the UK to be its largest market.

given the level of their performance, the Clubsport S confront rivals such as RS (Ford Focus) along with Mercedes AMG along with 45 , along with that has a £ gap 3380 between the standard three-door [19459025golf GTI along with equivalent Clubsport, the item is actually likely to look like – or perhaps more – premium along with the separation of regular Clubsport along with S.

along that has a limited edition type, the item is actually likely to have a behind the £ 35,000 cost, along with the item should be up to the customers from the United Kingdom at the end of This particular year.

Just for the record

with Clubsport S list as a way for VW to reward customers who have embraced the Golf GTI for a long time along with with the type year of the 40, the item was decided of which the time has come to provide more GTI militants for those who want to take their car on the right track. yet speaking with the engineers in charge of the creation of such a car gives the impression of which they wanted to do something in This particular context for while.In industrial unit indescribable to some extent, including Volkswagen assigning Nurburgring her operations, the mood relaxed amazingly chase team lap record. The project has been running Golf GTI Clubsport S for more than just one year, with Stefan Jess stressing of which the participation process of adding power to the standard GTI, along with then develop systems to have found room for improvement. Speaks to us about the vehicle, he suggests confidence of which “not much” has changed to make the S Clubsport quite quickly.

arguably the most responsible for the transformation of the golf course in a non Carsten Schebsdat man, president of VW of the chassis tuning. As a man that has a previous type as the head of the performance of Porsche ‘s GT cars, he knows a thing or two about the auto industry moving quickly around the circle, not the least of Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 . Schebsdat describes creating the attempt to log record lap as a job “very important.” “the item’s not easy,” he says, “yet a very nice job.”


develop a system main comment, with the undulating surface of the Nurburgring provide a real test of the steering wheel along with Centeng control. Ensure of which the wheels are kept in contact with the ground is actually vital. Do not use the item for the vehicle we have a large amount of energy if the item is actually constantly being smuggled by a illmannered suspension set. Similarly, the vehicle of which’s great on a smooth path be useless on a bumpy road, so dampers revised to adapt strongly Clubsport S, along with with the ‘preparation Nürburgring “from the individual mode, along with to ensure of which, says Carsten, of which a lot of the mechanical remains grip even more bumps ring.

does not mean

This particular car only to workers in departments, though. Jess along with Schebsdat keen to emphasize of which the high levels of grip along with balance of which nudges toward understeer means of which drivers nonexpert can get more than of which. Jess indicates of which Clubsport S is actually the “everyday car with some concessions,” along with follow a somewhat different approach to what to Megan Trova- R, with the dampers have a negative standard roll cage. the goal is actually to retain as much of the ease of use of the Golf GTI standard as possible while containing the performance along with the ability of the fastest very current hot gates. If you pay them, along with there is actually a bit of national pride from the achievement of record lap the Nurburgring in Germany.

along with Clubsport S may seem like a strange move for VW, given seat ‘s efforts from the’ ring should (at Leon Cobra being a lap record holder before), yet This particular does not detract by the temptation to over s Clubsport is actually. I’ve only ridden from the item right now , yet even This particular was considerably more vibrant along with exhilarating than any golf fast others you care to mention.

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Source: Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S smashes Nürburgring record

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