Volkswagen emissions scandal: Renault to recall 15,0000 cars

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Source : Volkswagen emissions scandal: Renault to recall 15,0000 cars

Renault Captur Updates reveal in which 25 Renault designs were being emissions tested before last week’s factory raids took place; the whole situation appears to be in connection with the ongoing emissions scandal


Renault will recall along with fix 15,000 cars after tests revealed high levels of emissions via some of its designs.

An official statement via Renault is actually still pending, yet the idea is actually understood in which the filtration system of certain designs did not work above certain temperatures, or below 17deg C. 

Police raided several Renault facilities last week, in a move understood to be in connection to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The raids, which took place last week at Renault’s headquarters, the Renault Technical Centre in Lardy along with the Technocentre in Guyancourt, were first reported by local unions yet have since been confirmed by Renault. In a statement, the idea said in which investigators wanted to check the equipment used at its factories.

Several computers belonging to company directors are said to have been seized.

The CGT Renault union suggested in which the raids “are linked to the consequences of the Volkswagen rigged-engines affair”, along with confirmed in which the raids had targeted engine control units.

IRenault subsequently revealed in which prior to the raids, the UTAC (the French homologation authority) had already been testing Renault vehicles, with four of 25 designs being examined before the brand-new year. the idea said in which the testing enabled “the French public authorities to initiate productive discussions with Renault’s engineering team”.

According to Renault, these latest police raids are part of “additional on-site along with material investigations, in order to definitively confirm the first findings resulting via the analysis of the independent technical commission”.

Despite such scrutiny, Renault says the idea is actually confident its cars will pass the tests without issue. the idea currently has the support of the French Agency for Energy along with Climate (DGEC) along with in which these on-going tests provide the idea with an opportunity to improve the Renault Emissions Plan.

Renault was one of quite a few vehicle manufacturers to welcome more stringent test procedures inside the wake of the emissions scandal, which broke last September.

At the time, the company confirmed in which the idea had not used so-called ‘defeat devices’ inside the past. A spokesman said: “We invite all those legislations along with framework in markets we operate in. We don’t have defeat devices in any of our cars along with we welcome the improvements in which are proposed in Europe for the NEDC [brand-new European Driving Cycle] side of the idea.”

Shares inside the French car maker fell sharply in which morning as the first reports of the raids surfaced, with stock prices dropping by as much as 20%.

Volkswagen has been subjected to the most scrutiny under the emissions scandal, yet the idea’s known in which authorities are looking into more vehicle manufacturers. German officials via the KBA said late last year in which they might be investigating 23 different marques.

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Source: Volkswagen emissions scandal: Renault to recall 15,0000 cars

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