Volkswagen boss holds stance on no UK compensation

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Source : Volkswagen boss holds stance on no UK compensation

Volkswagen emissions scandal Volkswagen clients Wagen USA was awarded $ 5,000 along with buyback offers in light of the scandal emissions, nevertheless the VW boss Matthias Müller UK says the situation will be different


Volkswagen has held its position on compensation for the United Kingdom within the wake of the emissions scandal, despite pressure coming from the British government in order to provide similar compensation package buyback, which appeared within the US United.


Volkswagen Matthias Mueller Autocar coach at VW’s annual meeting This specific morning of which customers within the UK will be unlikely to introduce a similar deal because the situation will be very different here.

“the general situation between the different European countries, he said, along with between the United States along with Europe.” “For example, when we compare Europe with the United States over the entire bearing on what will be under discussion within the United States to some other parts of the entire world will not happen.”

Mueller explained of which the European emissions car maker since the reforms must not hinder performance, the situation was different entirey.

“This specific will be our goal along with so far we’ve stuck to This specific of which the renewal of our cars will not lead to lower performance or affect the fuel consumption. This specific was our goal along with yet we were able to implement of which.”

owners may find themselves with low fuel economy after applying the fix, however, VW offers to buy back the diesel cars of the United States are affected by a scandal there. of which also provides the owners of “significant compensation” of $ 5,000 each, as part of the deal estimated £ 2000000000 crush out with regulators within the United States.

former VW boss Winterkorn to receive £ 7M, the company admits diesel reforms delayed

British government pressure

in response to a question about the announcement of the compensation within the United States by the Belfast Telegraph, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister David Cameron said: “.. of which will be for VW to explain the approach taken within the different jurisdictions along with government pressure Volkswagen on an issue of This specific kind, which of compensation

“We expect VW to deal with customers within the United Kingdom will be fairly along with adequately addressed their concerns. along with pressed the Minister of Transport Volkswagen on the specific issue of This specific contradiction compensation. “

Despite growing pressure, VW has maintained of which he did not believe of which breaking any European emissions laws through the setup of the software testing cheat them

compensation, repurchase provided to customers operations in United States

within the United States, the offer to buy back cars within the market value applies to all 500,000 2.0-liter diesel engines VWS caught within the scandal. gave the court headed by US District judge Charles Breyer scant details of the agreement through session of the United States, nevertheless revealed of which Volkswagen will pay also to the environment Fund along with the commitment of some other funds to promote green automotive technology.

[19459004Description] Breyer only supply the compensation as “substantial” nevertheless indicate unconfirmed reports of which Volkswagen paying customers affected by dieselgate 5000 $ (about £ 3,500) each. will VW also include all costs to remove the devices defeat of damaged cars, which were found to be working with software of which enabled them to deceive the emissions tests again in 2015.

VW scandal emissions: the German government found of which only Volkswagen Group used devices defeat

carmaker revealed of which allocated more than 12bn £ to pay the fines, as a prelude to the imposition of fines on mounts. He described the lawyer VW Robert Giuffra initial court agreement as a positive step within the company to regain customers: “Volkswagen will be committed to re-earn the trust of its customers, its dealers, regulators, along with all of America, along with these agreements are an important step. What will be still uncertain will be whether This specific also eliminates Volkswagen issues along with Volkswagen with the United States: “

deal analysis, said Christian Stadler, a professor of strategic management at the College of Warwick Business” forward on the road to make things right. Department of Justice. there will be a civil lawsuit pending along with on-going criminal investigation. If we managed This specific deal to resolve these issues as well of which he will be genuinely great for Volkswagen. “

VW Touareg along with Porsche Cayenne are: confirmed figures, the United Kingdom

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Source: Volkswagen boss holds stance on no UK compensation

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