Volkswagen as well as LG develop connected car technology

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Source : Volkswagen as well as LG develop connected car technology

VW badge Volkswagen teams up with LG to develop technology that will will enable cars to take advantage of the Internet of Things


Volkswagen evolution of communication technology of the next generation in partnership with technology giant LG

the aim of the two companies to create a completely new automotive technology jobs related to the systems that will allow features within the driver’s home – such as hardware, security as well as lighting – to be controlled through the auto. This kind of completely new technology will work in conjunction with the information as well as entertainment systems within the future.

as well as “smart home” contact, VW as well as LG are working on services connected to a car based on the location, which follow the direction the industry to draw live maps. This kind of involves a sat nav systems are being updated to reflect the risks within the road as well as various other flight conditions change. Springboard for autonomous vehicles is actually a point of order.

also on the target list of innovations is actually the “media center” that will claims Volkswagen, as well as deliver messages “intuitive as well as safe manner.” that will is actually likely to be a smart phone communication system that will allows the driver to get to the texts as well as e-mails as well as various other messages a way that will does not involve reading.

This kind of system can be evolution [one VW-owned seat offered along with digital museum earlier This kind of year. Seat system reads the driver’s letters aloud to use smartphone ‘free eyes. “, that will is actually available as a feature of DriveApp seat within the current evolution. Has hinted prime seat of contact, Lleyre olavarría, the brand is actually planning to follow up on such technical features within the future.

specialized techniques to show the crossover Volkswagen platform. This kind of means that will they can be directed to a group of brands of the Volkswagen Group, rather than just a car with badges Volkswagen. interest paid seat on the technologies that will are being developed by the Volkswagen company LG, that will will not be a surprise if smaller next seat SUV Volkswagen feature systems. SUV midsize Volkswagen Group, such as ATECA seat as well as Volkswagen Volkswagen Tiguan, all yet been ruled out for initially on technology due to start working out recently as well as the imminent arrival of SUV Volkswagen another group .

Volkswagen as well as LG are working together for several years, yet This kind of announcement – which comes after a brief period of BMW , as well as Intel as well as Mobileye in announced a joint development of independent technologies – represents the next step in Volkswagen’s journey towards autonomy

more details surrounding technologies on the way, so stay tuned to learn more about the future of technology through Volkswagen as well as LG.

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Source: Volkswagen as well as LG develop connected car technology

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