VIDEO: Ford boss Barb Samardzich says "business needs gender equality"

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Source : VIDEO: Ford boss Barb Samardzich says "business needs gender equality"

Barb Samardzich


Barb Samardzich COO European

Ford highlights the advantages of a powerful women inside the industry, in addition to calls for a change in stereotypes

Ford ‘s Chief Operating Officer in Europe, Barb Samardzich, the industry urged to embrace This kind of opportunity to attract a greater number of women inside the sector.

in her keynote address at last week Great Autocar British women at the awards automakers ceremony (as shown inside the video above), he said, Samardzich: “today is usually about celebrating the talent of the day, in addition to how we can use of which talent, all of you, to change our industry, to provide a more equitable future, in addition to therefore more profitable.”

spoke more broadly about the role of women in business, in addition to cited Samardzich Harvard Business Review, which says companies of which hold the best record to promote the role of women in senior positions magazine up to 69% more profitable. McKinsey says of which the companies of which hold the representation of women senior delivered higher returns of 54%, while research for the London show College of Business Administration of which innovation correlates positively to achieving gender equality

, addressing the attendees of the event, said Samardzich: “the idea is usually up to all of us in This kind of room to showcase the talent we have, to break through the glass ceiling, yet not only of which, to provide young women that has a true picture of the size in addition to the opportunities in addition to frankly sheer glamor of what we do. “

also raised a specific issue with the engineering sector, which the idea is usually a professional background Samardzich, saying: “in This kind of mix, sits the most stubborn challenge to women: women’s chronic shortage of engineering”

in addition to I talked about the image of an engineer inside the automotive industry as a “man that has a greasy wrench or screwdriver.” Samardzich said of which “somewhere along the line inside the United Kingdom, in addition to the value of, the glory, the skill of being an engineer had gotten lost,” by encouraging the industry to change This kind of culture, which, in turn, could of which young women are encouraged to consider engineering as an option career 19459008 ]

closes her speech, Samardzich said: “This kind of is usually about attracting in addition to releasing the incredible talent around us. women all over the planet, who, if they choose to join our industry, hold the skills in addition to the ambition in addition to the ability to transform an industry of which creates in addition to manufactures your vehicle, the largest producer consumer than ever before. “

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Source: VIDEO: Ford boss Barb Samardzich says "business needs gender equality"

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