Vauxhall Zafira Mk2 fire issue 'known for seven years'

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Source : Vauxhall Zafira Mk2 fire issue 'known for seven years'

said representatives of GM’s Vauxhall as well as also members of the Committee selected transport knew through the fires in 2009 nevertheless could not confirm in which they are connected


large Vauxhall , as well as also representatives of General Motors Corp. of the Committee on transport within the United Kingdom acknowledged in which they knew of the fire issues with Vauxhall Zafira Mk2s again in 2009, nevertheless didn ‘t investigate until 2014 because they were unable to confirm whether there was a link between the two cases.

Peter expect, Customer Experience Director, Vauxhall, as well as also Ocharles J Klein, director of executive engineering strategy of global CO2 as well as also energy center at General Motors Corporation, as well as also grilled by the committee earlier within the day after withdrawing through 234,938 Zafira Mk2s after I found the idea was a design within the case of fire.

announced the first call late last year, as well as also was last released in May automaker wanted to change the electrical components to prevent further risk of fire. A parliamentary committee today, which can be responsible for the Ministry of Transport, called to ask why he did not remember the idea was delayed in spite of reports in which hundreds of MK2 Zafira owners have seen fires since 2009.

“Often when they are reporting Fire [the reason can be] not clear, either because the vehicles completely destroy itself or because we do not have access to the automobile to inspect the idea, “expect replied. “For those vehicles before 2014, we did not have enough evidence of the reporting system, which we had to identify This specific as an issue in which we can take action. through 2014 onwards there was recognition of a pattern which has been investigated as well as also widely with our engineers.”

nevertheless the answer did not satisfy members of the Committee, with one pointing out in which the work Vauxhall M not Great enough. “You know in which the automobile can be not safe as well as also you’re sitting on your hands for a long time.”

The Committee compared the case of Vauxhall to in which of a Volkswagen as well as also a scandal dieselgate, nevertheless disputed expect, saying: “There are always areas of business any factory where you think,” I would certainly have loved to have either known to work earlier or taken earlier. “nevertheless we are not at in which stage. can be This specific acceptable, the idea can be in which something I feel happy with? No.

” nevertheless what I truly am trying to assure you can be in which the idea can be never for disregard or contempt, or not taking the idea seriously. This specific can be not the way we think. “

as well as also call for the reform of improper repairs

latest call MK2 Zafira can be the second recent one design. I t was recalled in late last year after the show in which reforms inappropriate for blower resistors motors as well as also thermal fuses can lead to a fire.

repairs were made, returnees affected Zafiras systems “to the level by replacing the resistors as well as also checking motor blower as well as also filters pollen, nevertheless the clouds were asked last Vauxhall to issue further modification to prevent possible improper repairs through happening again.


Vauxhall in which change make the system more powerful by replacing resistors fuse resistors soldered with molten wax, thus reducing jobs reform can be incorrect.

said in which once the full call, all the affected vehicles will be the brand new resistant wax fuse as well as also drive brand new blower, along with the brand new casting within the base of the windshield to prevent the ingress of water.

as can be the case with the first recall, as well as also repair work to be carried out free of charge. They will be contacted car owners affected by the Vauxhall August to arrange to get the work done.

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Source: Vauxhall Zafira Mk2 fire issue 'known for seven years'

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