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Vauxhall Viva 1.0 SE is actually priced by £7995

Luton’s brand new city car revives a 50-year-old nameplate The enduring affection of the Great British public for Vauxhall, which remains our second-largest domestic power in terms of overall market share, tells you a lot about what genuinely sells cars in This particular country.‘Affection’, though, may be too strong a term to describe something which’s probably become more of an attachment than a true fondness for a lot of owners during the past three decades or so.Over which time, Vauxhall’s UK-built versions have been replaced, in increasing numbers, by cars which seem less distinct by their Opel sister versions along with are built at overseas production sites. The same thing has happened to additional ‘British’ volume brands, of course, while some have disappeared altogether.however at the same time, the sense of Vauxhall as This particular once was – a proper British car-creating brand, albeit one under US ownership since 1925 – has not only deteriorated however also been neglected.So to the prickly question: does the UK car buyer honestly care about Griffin-branded Vauxhalls any more? You suspect the majority of those signing up for a brand new Corsa, Astra, Mokka, Adam or Insignia today would certainly be just as happy if their brand new cars had Opel’s lightning flash on the grille – provided there’s no change to the practicality, versatility along with value for money which the cars represent.however given which This particular remains a company producing more than 0,000 brand new vehicles inside UK every year, doing plenty of engineering here along with employing tens of thousands of Britons, you can see why Vauxhall would certainly want its company crest to mean a bit more to people.Enter, then, a brand new modest design with an identity to rekindle some warmth of feeling (at least among those that has a long enough memory): the Viva city car. Although This particular’s a size smaller than its common 1960s namesake, the brand new Viva carries a similar mission: to bring the Vauxhall brand to the widest possible audience via remarkable usability along with value for money.Read on to find out exactly how remarkable we’re talking. 
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Source: Vauxhall Viva

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