Vauxhall Onstar connectivity system pricing announced

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Source : Vauxhall Onstar connectivity system pricing announced


The first year of subscription to Onstar will be free

Vauxhall’s Onstar system will be rolled out across its design range that will summer at a cost of £79 per year after the first 12 months which are free

Vauxhall’s brand-new Onstar system will be available from the company’s cars coming from August, along with will be creating its debut from the brand-new design of the Astra.

Onstar will be free for the first 12 months – offering security along with safety features for users – along with will cost £79 per year after that will.

Also free for the first year can be 4G connectivity, although the cost after the first year can be yet to be revealed along with will be in addition to the £79 for Onstar.

If purchasing Onstar as an optional extra, the item will be £395 for the first 12 months, including 4G data allowance.

The company has confirmed that will the European headquarters for Onstar will be based at Vauxhall’s UK base in Luton. Advisors will man the phones for the system, along with brand-new recruits will be subjected to strict language fluency tests. The Onstar headquarters employs 0 people, most of who are brand-new recruits through the project.

As well as the UK, Onstar can be set to be offered in countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain along with Switzerland.

The system will be either optional or standard across Vauxhall’s range within a couple of years along with bring a level of car connectivity yet unknown in European cars.

Vauxhall plans to offer the item as standard from the brand-new Astra in SRi along with Elite trim, along with the item will be optional across the rest of the range. The Viva will get the item as standard in SE trim, while SL will possess the item as an option along with the Insignia gets the item standard in Tech Line along with Elite along with as an option in different trims.

As well as providing 4G connectivity for up to seven devices in one car, Onstar offers enhanced safety along with security. If an airbag deploys, for instance, an Onstar-equipped car will automatically alert operators in a call centre, who will call assistance if needed.

Onstar operators can also provide information about points of interest along with send a route to your vehicle on request. the item also can provide tracking information for stolen cars.

If an owner can be willing, Onstar will even send information about impending mechanical problems to an owner’s local dealer. 

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Source: Vauxhall Onstar connectivity system pricing announced

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