Vauxhall Issues Zafira Recall

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Given the serious nature of the call any vehicles, we always offer them directly through the the without any dilution or password alterations. With that will in mind, here will be the latest directly through Vauxhall on issues on some designs of the Zafira along with the issue of a threat to the potential fire:

Vauxhall today announced that will owners of designs Vauxhall Zafira B will be invited to bring their cars to dealers Vauxhall’s generating sure that will the idea can carry out preventive action in order to protect vehicles through the risk of fire.

in December of last year we wrote about 234,938 Vauxhall Zafira B owners to make them aware of an issue that will can affect their car.

Our investigation has found evidence of improper repair blower motor resistor along with thermal fuses, which aims to protect the blower motor system.

these reforms will be decent, along with which may have been carried out without the knowledge of their owners, can lead to overheating of electrical system components along with the possibility of a fire. the idea should never have been fixed resistors, along with should only be replaced.

since then along with we are implementing a program designed to call to return the vehicles to their original state.

has included replacing the resistor in each car we have inspected the engine along with blower along with filter out pollen in several thousand vehicles.

had all This particular free of charge to the customer.

At the time of the call we said we will consider additional actions we might take, along with we were in constant contact with the driver along with the auto agency standards (DVSA).

May 9 the we have to update the status DVSA approved additional actions we are announcing today.

while the current work to achieve the goal of returning the vehicles to their original condition, after extensive investigations we decided to go further along with improve the overall durability of the system.

along with therefore will be embarking on the second call to replace the current resistor soldered fuse having a fuse-resistant wax, which reduces the opportunity for manipulation. Remember when full, along with all the cars have a wax-resistant fresh fuse, the fresh engine along with the formation of a fresh blower from the base of the windshield to address water ingress.

again, along with This particular will work for free.

we will soon be writing to all customers to inform them of the second call along with to provide appropriate advice procedures.

Later we will write to customers on a staggered basis to be invited to call from the second. the idea will be scheduled to start sending these messages through August.

vehicle owners who have not had a completed after the initial call should still bring their cars to sell them to be returned to its original condition.

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Source: Vauxhall Issues Zafira Recall

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