Vauxhall GT concept teased with video

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Source : Vauxhall GT concept teased with video

fresh two-seater sports car due to be unveiled at Geneva show in March


Opel has teased its GT concept sports car that has a fresh video ahead of its debut at the 2016 Geneva motor show.

The brand has remained tight-lipped on the specification of the fresh car, yet Opel boss Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann has said we “will see both Vauxhall in addition to Opel with fresh eyes”, suggesting the item’ll be something quite different to the carmaker’s current line-up.

The Monza concept via Frankfurt 2013 could hold some clues about the design of the GT. which car had a sleek, lengthy Centeng that has a hatch-style tail, in addition to two large passenger doors to maintain a clean side-profile while improving access to the cabin. Insiders are suggesting which the fresh GT could inherit the Monza’s coupe-like outside, with two rather than four seats inside.

Others have suggested which the GT could be a sibling to the recently unveiled Buick Avista. The American brand will be related to Opel-Vauxhall through GM ownership, in addition to the item has long been familiar practice for these brands to share types, often under different names.

Early predictions considered the possibility of the GT being a cabriolet, much like the old GT which never made the item to market inside the UK. However, the item seems these suggestions have all yet lost momentum, in addition to fresh GT looks more like the item’ll be a hard-top two-seater.

We’ll know more when Opel pulls the covers off its GT at the Geneva show in March.

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Source: Vauxhall GT concept teased with video

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