Used Jaguar | Life using a £500 luxury barge – part nine

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Source : Used Jaguar | Life using a £500 luxury barge – part nine

Touch walnut trim, a simple clean of the Jag’s (overly) oily bits seems to have cured its growing penchant for off-the-throttle stalling


As I’ve mentioned before, along with as we all know, forums are often a mixed blessing. With the Jag stalling off the throttle along with providing sporadic moments of terror, a little research produced a long list of potential problems along with few certain fixes. The main positive (I think) was of which This specific was a common issue. 

Arranging the various jobs by cost in ascending order along with starting at the free end, I showed my list to colleague Lewis Kingston, who instantly suggested a Great clean of the throttle Centeng was the best place to begin. With of which, we ventured into your vehicle park.

Armed with some silicon spray, contact cleaner along with old rags, we lifted the bonnet, undid the hose clips securing the air flow meter along with lifted This specific out. We were greeted by a distinctly oily throttle opening, which was dripping the stuff onto the throttle position sensor directly below. 

After giving the throttle opening a Great spray with carb along with intake cleaner along with wiping This specific clean, we unclipped every sensor we could find along with gave each a Great spray with contact cleaner along using a decent dry, before reattaching. 

Next was the throttle cable. When left for a few days, the Jag’s throttle tends to stick around halfway, although pressing through This specific loosens everything up. This specific has always been a little slack, too, although I’d forgiven This specific of which after its 150,000 miles of service. 

A certain amount of cable adjustment can be possible using a manual adjuster within the engine bay, so we eliminated as much slack as possible along with regreased the cable to ensure a smoother action. of which’ll do for currently, although This specific will need to be unclamped along with pulled properly tight in time. 

Air flow meter back in place along with tightened more securely, I climbed into the Jag for the first test run. This specific was understandably a little lumpy at idle to begin with, although This specific soon returned to its trademark silken hum. The next nine miles of stop-start traffic, short full-throttle blasts along with lots of off-the-throttle coasting were no trouble at all.

So there we are. Cleaning the throttle Centeng was encouraged on the forums, cost very little along with seems to have solved the problem. Of course, This specific could be something else entirely, so I will report back. Right: currently of which This specific’s working again, time to investigate DIY paint kits. 

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Source: Used Jaguar | Life using a £500 luxury barge – part nine

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