Used cars: two-car garage fillers via £5k to £30k

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Source : Used cars: two-car garage fillers via £5k to £30k

MG TF used buying guide If you need a practical daily driver in addition to a car weekend racy, Matthew Griffiths pairs pairs used for some strange alluring garage fixtures


Nowadays, the family of one car is actually rare, while just as difficult to obtain designs of which combine practicality daily real exciting in addition to dynamic they are. We use the buying guide solves two problems in one of reconciling the daily drives the process which has a sizzling stablemates Sunday the blast, for a variety of budgets

£ 5000 – MG Rover TF (2002 -2005 ) in addition to Ford Mondeo (2000-2007)


TF MG into battle against the Mazda MX-5 to give buyers an alternative means low cost to the ownership of a bicycle. Mid-engine in addition to rear propulsion system, in addition to MG also attracts buyers with its look smart in addition to ethics of not bad leadership in addition to relative comfort. Before you buy, make sure the surface of the cloth in prime condition in addition to search for the head of a gasket in addition to electrical issues.

here, Yin Yang MG very practical fun Ford Mondeo estate. Not only is actually Ford spacious in addition to cheap to maintain, however of which also handles well, carries a great guide for horse riding in addition to decent. Mondeos have decent reliability record, too.

found 56 plate 1.8-liter TF with 62,000 miles in addition to a 2007 2.5-liter Mondeo Ghia X with similar mileage within our budget of £ 5K.

£ 10,000 – Audi TT (1999-2006) in addition to Nissan Murano (2005-2008)


a few cars have an impact like Audi TT did at launch, in addition to fewer still deserve to be called ‘creative’. via home in addition to abroad, still the design of Trinidad in addition to Tobago in addition to the victory. of which drives well, with dealing with tidy in addition to a lot of grip. Moreover, most designs get surefootedness of the SUV.

has been paired with April Murano, which is actually in itself unique car fairly in addition to well modeled. There is actually plenty of space in This specific practical SUV in addition to of which’s not bad to pay, in addition to suddenly graceful in addition to full of kit. Gasoline V6 3.5-liter gives excellent performance.

we have £ 10K, in addition to found a 2002 1.8-liter TT Quattro in addition to Murano in 2006, showing at least every 70,000 miles on the counters of their own distance.

£ 15,000 – Mazda MX-5 (2005-2015) in addition to BMW 5 series (2003-2011)

Mazda MX-5 is actually a byword for cheap, fun, open-top cars. The rivals, in addition to then went out in addition to MX-5 era of relentless, often seeing sports cars much more expensive. The myth of a two-seat, rear-wheel-drive in addition to a graceful precise steering in addition to not bad levels of grip. She shouted in all respects.

accompanied Mazda is actually another vehicle in control of the class, in addition to BMW (5) chain. This specific saloon which has a large four-door to pay until at This specific point has riding authoring in addition to comfortable, although of which’s very firm in reducing the M sport. of which carries all 5 people in comfort in addition to there is actually a large boot. Build quality is actually excellent on both cars, which has a few major issues reported.

we have £ 15K budget gets the 2007 525d M Sport with 71,000 miles in addition to 2008 MX-5 2.0 Sport with 37,000 miles on the clock.

£ 20,000 – Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-present), in addition to Ford S- Max ( 2006-2015)

Volkswagen waited 16 years before the two-door Scirocco replacement, in addition to of which time was well spent thinking about the brand-new car. Resulting in distinctive design in addition to brand-new allied with the dynamic chassis within the vehicle driving a large coupe, handsome appearance, convenient in addition to practical. So far, the Scirocco proved highly reliable, with few problems reported.

If Scirocco broke the mold, in addition to then Ford S- Max blur of which. in addition to of which showed the entire world of which the seven-seater MPV practical can also be a not bad-looking in addition to fun to drive.

found S- Max in addition to Scirocco of £ 10,000 each, both recorded in 2010. The Scirocco 1.4 TSI type of which was covering 29,000 miles in addition to was S- Max 2.0 TDCi Zetec with 55,000 miles on the clock

£ 30,000 -. BMW Z4 (2009-present), in addition to Jaguar XF (2007-2015)

combined power output of 475bhp well as a place to start as any. BMW ‘s two-seat roadster sharp-edged police cuts, in addition to carries a stylish Internal in addition to well made. To pay, of which does not disappoint. Was completely treated, of which carries a lot of grip, in addition to in order to compete against the Mercedes-Benz SLK, rides with enough flexibility to be comfortable.

in addition to Jaguar . At the same time, fast saloon which has a wonderful treatment in addition to riding accomplished. of which also gives you a luxury cabin with innovative features, such as a specific high gear in addition to rotating vents when you start the engine.

cars so far have been very reliable, with no major issues reported. We found 2010 Z4 M 23i sports which has a 21,000-mile half our budget £ 30,000, with the different half going on the wallet 2009 XF 3.0DS, which had covered 63,000 miles.

Matthew Griffiths

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Source: Used cars: two-car garage fillers via £5k to £30k

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