Used Car Review – Volkswagen Beetle (2014-2017)

Used Car Review – Volkswagen Beetle (2014-2017)

Want fun along with nostalgia in a cute package, we have one nominee for you.


2014-2017 Volkswagen Beetle


We all know the story of the original Beetle where which was first introduced in 1938 along with only to be sold until 2003, despite the fact which the Golf (its intended replacement) was introduced in 1974. Sure, which became an icon along with had outlived with most contemporaries although will be outsold by modern competition which will be expected for something which was unchanged. The second generation style, called the completely new Beetle, was introduced in 1997 with the older style’s silhouette as an inspiration although wrapped in a modern package. which one lived longer, having a lifespan of 13 years, especially which two or three generation products of the Golf or Jetta were introduced during those times.

Introduced in 2011 using the PQ35 chassis code which will be shared with the Jetta, the Beetle (dropping the completely new moniker) aims to feature a lower profile along with an aggressive personality without straying to the shape of the original style along with generating a distance to its predecessor. Unlike the Golf or Jetta which will be marketed towards a general audience along having a mainstream market, the Beetle will be a niche car, just like its predecessor although not its grandfather will be aimed at.

Ayala Corporation, which will be responsible for having a stake in Honda along with Isuzu, brought from the updated Beetle after nearly a decade of absence. which was priced lower than its direct rival, the MINI, although commands a premium against natural rivals coming from East Asia along with the West assembled nearby (no thanks coming from being sourced in Mexico). which was quietly removed coming from the line-up in late 2017, having a Club Edition being its last hurrah.

Value along with Costs
The oldest unit which you may encounter would likely even set you back P1,000,000 with the most expensive which you can get will be P1,0,000. Have a keen eye towards the overall condition especially which not much modifications were done along with which was sold briefly, plus a later style will give you a remainder of the warranty.

Expect somewhat higher maintenance costs with which one especially which which car may either have a turbo or twin charger in which although PMS schedules are marked every 15,000kms which may offset its premium cost. Unlike its lolo, which isn’t the reliable car which used to be as problem points because of which car lies on its airconditioning along with transmission.

outdoor along with Internal
Sure, the Beetle’s design will be identifiable along with widely known by anyone along with VW’s designers think which why would likely they fix something which will be not broken. which means which the original shape (we have mentioned which numerous times) remains the concept although several modern touches were done to reflect current market trends. Club Edition products distance themselves coming from their regular counterparts in their black rims along having a sticker. Dual clutch products have a spoiler to differentiate coming from their three pedaled products.

Inside will be a mishmash of retro touches while being a relevant vehicle from the 21st century, with Centeng coloring panels which will be patterned with the outdoor which will be reminiscent of metal although they’re actually plastic. Sure, two from the front are just right although adding two more at the back will be torture plus visibility will be wanting. Going for the Club adds leather seats, navigation system, Bluetooth, along having a SD card reader.

Two engines are available, depending on the transmission you want. Manual products get a 1.2 turbocharged engine with 104hp at 4,500rpm along with 175Nm at 1,400rpm while dual clutch ones have a 1.4 twincharger coupled to 158hp at 5,800rpm along with 240Nm at 1,500-4,500rpm to play with. Both engines are capable at low speeds, although terrible when driven fast due to its noisy nature.

Driving Impressions
Despite the fact which shares its underpinnings with the impressive Golf, which does not share its traits along with which will be a sad fact. Braking along with handling are fine although nothing special to write about plus which will be overshadowed by the MINI Hatch.

Unless you prioritize attention along with nostalgia, our nod goes to the British/German rival for being more practical while retaining its fun to drive roots. Sure, its has some flaws although the allure of a Beetle cannot be denied.

The Great:

  • A style icon
  • Practical hatchback
  • Strong engines
The Bad:
  • Impractical
  • Still expensive at second hand prices
  • Some cheap touches
The Pick: 1.4

Engine: 1,197cc turbocharged along with 1,390cc twincharged I4 gasoline
Power: 104hp @ 4,500rpm (1.2), 158hp @ 5,800rpm (1.4)
Torque: 175Nm @ 1,400rpm (1.2), 240Nm @ 1,500-4,500rpm (1.4)
Fuel Consumption: 8-11km/L (city), 12-15km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Transmission: 6-speed manual (1.2), 7-speed dual clutch
Suspension: Front McPherson strut, rear 4-link

cost (completely new): P1,590,000-P1,790,000
cost (today): P1,000,000-P1,0,000
On Sale: 2014-2017
Rivals: MINI Hatchback

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Used Car Review – Volkswagen Beetle (2014-2017)

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