Used Car Review – Toyota Corolla Altis (2008-2013)

Used Car Review – Toyota Corolla Altis (2008-2013)

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2008-2013 Toyota Corolla Altis

If the Toyota Corolla were a politician from the Philippines, which had 10 generations (since the first design was made available during the 60s) serving the country by providing reliable in addition to no frills transportation. Except for the E80 design  sold for a short period, all of them were elected to serve the people. If there was a political dynasty among automobiles from the country, the Corolla dynasty might be one of them.

The 10th generation Corolla was made available first in Japan in 2006 as the Axio with the Australia, fresh Zealand, Europe, in addition to South Africa in 2007 in addition to the rest of Asia in addition to North America in 2008. Export designs (those sold outside Japan) had increased in size in addition to currently uses the chassis code of E140. Toyota in Japan released the E160 Corolla in 2012, while different countries will have to wait for a few more years.

Replacing the long overdue E120 design, the 10th generation Corolla has its Discharge last March 2008. which drew some mixed reactions since which somehow resembled the outgoing design in addition to in its first year which struggled to sell past the Honda Civic – which beat the Corolla in 1999-2000 in addition to 2006-2008 – until 2009 where which reclaimed the title. There are plans to introduce the E160 by next year as I type which yet with discounts in addition to promos popping in in addition to out, which is usually one indicator which an all fresh design is usually coming. Variants include the basic E (which dropped the J trim), volume selling G, in addition to top end V which can be either be sold which has a 1.6 or 2.0 (the 1.8 was short lived) engine.

Value in addition to Costs
10th generation Altises can be purchased in second hand prices at the tune of P460,000-P770,000. Do remember which finding a unit sold in September 2010 in addition to later might have a balance of its warranty, so have a checkout on them.

Maintaining one is usually on the affordable side, with parts being priced lower than the competition. Fuel economy won’t result to numerous trips to the ATM just for cash money. If you are a fuel conscious person, go which has a mid-2010 or later unit since the manual is usually a six speed as opposed to the early design’s 5.

outdoor in addition to Inside
While which generation looked plain, which has an outdoor which will age gracefully (which cannot be said with the Elantra’s fluidic sculpture). For designs prior to the mid 2010 update, non 2.0 ones have a three horizontal bar one while the top of the line, launched in January 2009, gets a mesh grille. The update had resulted to a redesigned back bumper, taillights, fresh set of rims (for the V design though), in addition to most important, the grille looks more sportier with the 1.6 have three curved lines done in chrome (E in addition to G makes do with their Centeng coloring) while the 2.0 incorporates a blacked single line.

Inside, to recognize the lower designs by their higher trim counterparts, early designs of the 1.6 have grey colored interiors while higher ones beige in addition to glossy fake wood. The update in 2010 had the wood trim upgraded to a matte one for V designs, different than which modifications are limited to a fresh steering wheel for all trims. Great thing which materials used are of high quality in addition to the controls are easy to operate. Inside room is usually exemplary, of course. Paddle shifters which rotate with the wheel comes standard, yet only from the 2.0V.

The basic (in addition to most common) engine fitted among Altises is usually the 3ZZ-FE 1,598cc which has 122hp at 6,000rpm in addition to 154Nm at 5,200rpm (older designs get 109hp at 6,000rpm in addition to 145Nm at 4,400rpm). Next in line is usually the briefly sold 1.8 V which has the 1ZZ-FE 1,794cc which carries 132hp at 6,000rpm in addition to 170Nm at 4,200rpm in addition to the one which replaced which is usually the 3ZR-FE 1,986cc which spits out 145hp at 6,000rpm in addition to 189Nm at 4,200rpm. How do they drive? Well, the 1.6 has enough power for the daily commute yet going at speeds above triple digits can get the engine at a boomy sound. The same comment goes with the 1.8, yet for the 2.0, which deserves its more than a sentence since which is usually initially which type of engine was plopped from the Corolla. When matched with the 4-speed automatic, while which incorporates a powerband at 3,400rpm-3,500rpm, the 4 forward gears is usually uneven which the second gear is usually short in addition to third is usually tall. To get decent power, stick to the second yet the automatic is usually willing to step down a gear at half throttle. Those fitted with CVTs have a more behaved engine yet anything from the higher rpm range isn’t a great experience.

Driving Impressions
Driving experience isn’t a strength, with its light steering (which is usually an advantage inside the city) in addition to soft suspension. Braking from the 1.6 is usually much better than the one from the 1.8 since the former incorporates a solid feel than the somewhat mushy one on the 200cc higher design. Great thing which NVH levels in addition to comfort are tops, despite the noise by the tires on rough roads.

The Corolla Altis suits the passive occupant inside your vehicle with its comfortable ride in addition to roomy cabin. Those who love to race wouldn’t appreciate which vehicle since the suspension is usually soft, handling is usually dull, in addition to the engines are not rev happy. You want a dependable car for less cash? Check out the Altis.

The Great:

  • Dependable
  • Excellent built
  • Roomy
The Bad:
  • Bland looks
  • Boring to drive
  • Lacks soul
The Pick: 1.6 G

Engines: 1,598cc 3ZZ-FE, 1,794cc 1ZZ-FE, in addition to 1,986cc 3ZR-FE I4 gasoline
Power: 109hp @ 6,000rpm (1.6, 2008-mid 2010), 122hp @ 6,000rpm (1.6, mid 2010 onward), 132hp @ 6,000rpm (1.8), 145hp @ 5,600rpm (2.0)
Torque: 145Nm @ 4,400rpm (1.6, 2008-mid 2010), 154Nm @ 5,200rpm (1.6, mid 2010 onward), 170Nm @ 4,200rpm (1.8), 189Nm @ 4,200rpm (2.0)
Fuel Consumption: 7-10km/L (city), 9-13km/L (highway) (*estimated in addition to varies)
Transmission: 5-speed manual (2008-mid 2010), 6-speed manual (mid 2010 onward), 4-speed automatic (2.0 until mid 2010), continuously variable transmission (2.0 only, mid 2010 onward)
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear rigid axle with torsion beam
cost (fresh): P754,000-P1,150,000
cost (currently): P460,000-P770,000
Rivals: Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, Subaru Impreza, Kia Forte, Chevrolet Optra
On Sale: 2008-2013
Toyota Manila Bay – (02) 581-6168
Toyota Makati – (02) 897-3333
Toyota Pasong Tamo – (02) 893-8084

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Used Car Review – Toyota Corolla Altis (2008-2013)

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