Used Car Review – Toyota Camry (2006-2012)

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Used Car Review – Toyota Camry (2006-2012)

Every executives dream ride can be obtained at entry level prices, in addition to also Myk Belmonte tells the tale of This specific car.


2006-2012 Toyota Camry

For the Filipino elite who prefers to be arrived in a low profile fashion, there is actually one top choice, the Camry. nevertheless during the 80s in addition to also 90s, the Crown in addition to also Corona are top picks due to their presence in addition to also the badge. You’ll see these sedans doting inside posh subdivisions in addition to also inside golf courses with their bosses in addition to also their donyas being driven. Time had changed with both of them gone, the Camry became the executives car.

The year 2006 saw the introduction of the XV40 Camry nevertheless packaged differently for the Americans in addition to also Japanese in addition to also one for the Asian market. Multiple engine configurations had been made available from the form of inline four, V6, in addition to also hybrid. There is actually a “regular” in addition to also “prestige” products available nevertheless our market gets the former. Related products include the Aurion in addition to also the Lexus ES, both having the same Centeng nevertheless different in many ways.

2002-2006 Camrys had been also an alternative from the premium sedan market alongside the Nissan Cefiro in addition to also the Honda Accord, nevertheless This specific one took control of the affluent market with the XV40 platform when which was launched in 2006. They said which you had arrived when you are driven in a Camry, which was the perfect choice for them. The XV50 still continues the generation of providing executives a reliable in addition to also safe transportation. Trim levels available are the 2.4 G in addition to also V in addition to also the top tier 3.5 Q with an update done in August 2009.

Value in addition to also Costs
Executives who are recently promoted, listen to me. For the cost of a brand fresh compact, you can get all the presence in a meeting using a second hand Camry, since you’ll see units ranging from the P680,000-P890,000 range. Even recent products can be had for a little over a million bucks, nevertheless make sure the unit is actually well loved.

Maintaining one is actually comparable with some other Japanese in addition to also Korean premium sedans. Obviously, the 3.5 Q features a higher cost of ownership due to the V6 engine nevertheless with your high income which you will receive, don’t complain about which.

external in addition to also Internal
There are cues of German saloons present from the Camry, in addition to also which is actually more imposing in addition to also larger than the previous iterations. While smooth, the external dictates low profile in addition to also the agreement has already signed, nevertheless generic in addition to also bland from the most. You’ll see some Bangle’s work as an inspiration for designing the trunk nevertheless was streamlined properly. You get the presence if you are being driven, you are anonymous if you are driving which.

Wood, wood, in addition to also tons of wood are the highlight of the Internal, since acres of them cover the dashboard. There is actually a silver trim present nevertheless the illegal loggers win This specific game. There is actually the presence of black hues from the leather seats in addition to also doors nevertheless you wont mind if you have a driver with you. The gauges can change colors nevertheless turns out which which is actually not exciting to stare at nevertheless on the some other hand, which is actually very useful. Passenger space is actually excellent, especially from the rear portion.

A Great reason why the Camry sold well is actually the variety of engine options. For starters, there is actually the 2AZ-FE 2,362cc which possess 167hp at 6,000rpm in addition to also 224Nm at 4,000rpm standard from the G in addition to also V levels. nevertheless if you contain the money to splurge, then the Q type you are eyeing has the 2GR-FE 3,456cc which carries 277hp at 6,200rpm in addition to also 346Nm at 4,700rpm. The 2.4 engine is actually no slouch since which can haul the mass well without drama. Choosing the V6 engine would certainly reward you with tons of power available from the lower end of the torque spectrum in addition to also uses the power efficiently.

Driving Impressions
Planning to drive on the weekends or when your trusted manong takes a day off? Here are some driving observations which you may notice. The leather seats will cocoon you through any road bumps while the steering is actually light, which wont inspire driving excitement. Going over corners will show the Centeng roll in addition to also which definitely drives like a barge, which likes to be in a straight path. Remember, This specific is actually a passenger’s car so look elsewhere for driving fun.

Great or bad economy, comfort in addition to also image can be had for less money. The Toyota Camry has both of them nevertheless just remember to stay at the back most of the time to fully appreciate This specific more. Speed junkies need not apply or buy This specific car.

The Great:

  • Cushy, very cushy
  • Quality is actually king
  • Roomy Internal
The Bad:
  • Drives like a boat
  • Illegal logging advocates would certainly hate This specific car (lots of fake wood)
  • Not fun to drive
The Pick: If you can find one, its the 3.5 Q

Engines: 2,362cc 2AZ-FE I4 in addition to also 3,456cc 2GR-FE V6 gasoline
Power: 167hp @ 6,000rpm (2.4), 277hp @ 6,200rpm (3.5)
Torque: 224Nm @ 4,000rpm (2.4), 346Nm @ 4,700rpm (3.5)
Fuel Consumption: 6-8km/L (city), 7-10.5 km/L (highway) (*estimated in addition to also varies)
Transmission: 5-speed automatic (4-cylinder products), 6-speed automatic (V6 products)
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent dual link strut

cost (fresh): P1,450,000-P2,025,000
cost (right now): P680,000-P890,000
Rivals: Honda Accord, Nissan Teana, Hyundai Sonata, Mitsubishi Galant, Mazda 6, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes Benz C Class, Audi A4
On Sale: Late 2006-Early 2012

Toyota Bicutan – (02) 777-9500
Toyota Makati – (02) 897-3333
Toyota Manila Bay – (02) 581-6168

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Used Car Review – Toyota Camry (2006-2012)

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