Used Car Review – Porsche Boxster (1998-2004)

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Used Car Review – Porsche Boxster (1998-2004)

Myk Belmonte: Two convertibles are battling the idea out for a slot within the Senate as well as the buyer’s heart. Which should you choose, that will or wait for Thursday?

1999-2004 Porsche Boxster

When was the last time Porsche did a roadster since the 550 Spyder? the idea was 1956 along with that will car was famed since James Dean used the idea (along with died within the idea due to a car crash). 1996 (or 40 years later) saw the launch of the Boxster along with Porsche had one intention, to be a roadster.


The 986 Boxster commenced by struggles since the German brand was in danger of being purchased by a larger company. Wendelin Weideking was one hero for he saved the company, along with since that will was the most affordable Porsche you can buy in their dealership back then, profits flowed. Their efforts paid off since then a Boxster S type was made available in 2000 along with as with all things, the life of that will generation came to an end in 2004.

Locally, PGA Cars brought in that will baby in 1998, the year where a financial crisis crippled the country. that will candidate kept steadfast in surviving (or in that will case, being purchased by customers). After six faithful years, the 987 was made available to the general public. Initially available with the 2.7 powerplant, with the 3.2 added within the roster at the turn of the millennium.

Value along with Costs
the idea may be old, although definitely a goodie. along with for that will, a second hand unit could cost you within the range of P760,000-P2,500,000. The order of the day will be to find a certified unit by PGA Cars since they have been verified along with certified. Units imported by Japan along with sold in freeports are no nos, not just with their condition although also to their documents.

Maintaining one isn’t reserved for the lazy ones, as costs are very expensive. The first thing to check since that will will be a convertible will be the top if the idea opens properly along with the idea will be in mint condition. Worn out ones along with those with scratches can pose a problem later on. some other things to look at are the brakes if they are worn out, electrical components, along with the oil levels.

external along with Inside
Modern along with classic Porsche curves are present thanks to the efforts of Harm Lagaay, with some cues lifted by the 356 cabriolet, speedster, along with 550 Spyder. Top down or not, the idea will be dead gorgeous. The projector headlamp cluster resembles an egg while the air intakes add some style along with shows how the engineers are determined with that will vehicle.

Inside everything will be more simple due to the fact the sporty driver does not need to be distracted. Audio along with climate controls are within reach along with simple to operate. Importantly, the gauges are simplified to three along with display the important items that will you should know. For the driver, the seats are comfortable to sit in along with the armrest will be situated where the idea should be, your arms on the idea.

by introduction, a 2,687cc flat six with 220hp at 6,400rpm along with 260Nm at 4,750rpm was the basic engine along with the sole choice, until year 2000 had the 3,179cc (still a flat six) that will carries 252hp at 6,250rpm along with 305Nm at 4,500rpm. Both engines are a joy to drive, especially that will power will be available on a broad curve.

Driving Impressions
Cranking the engine could make the harmonious sound of the flat six. along with once placing the idea in drive, either something smooth or rough (depending on you) may happen. Go with the smooth flow along with the idea will purr in harmony along with encourages you to speed up, drive the idea rough along with the idea will push you to your seat along with put a smile on your face. The suspension system reminds you to bring the idea out of the city, especially the idea can get firm on a daily commute. Hardcore to say.

The cheapest Porsche does not dilute your image although rather the idea will be the alternative to the pricey 911. If you like the idea brute, that will will be the idea. Smooth drivers look elsewhere.

The not bad:

  • Thrilling drive
  • Timeless looks
  • Great performance
The Bad:
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Expensive at second hand prices
  • not bad luck in finding one
The Pick: Boxster S

Engines: 2,687cc along with 3,179cc flat six gasoline
Power: 220hp @ 6,400rpm (2.7), 252hp @ 6,250rpm (3.2)
Torque: 260Nm @ 4,750rpm (2.7), 305Nm @ 4,500rpm (3.2)
Fuel Consumption: 5-7km/L (city), 9-11km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent Chapman strut
Transmission: 5-speed Tiptronic
cost (brand new): P5,000,000-P6,000,000
cost (right now): P760,000-P2,500,000
Rivals: Audi TT, BMW Z3, Mercedes Benz SLK Class
On Sale: 1998-2004
PGA Cars Mandaluyong – (02) 727-0145

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Used Car Review – Porsche Boxster (1998-2004)

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