Used Car Review – Nissan Teana (2010-2014)

Used Car Review – Nissan Teana (2010-2014)

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2010-2014 Nissan Teana

We all know in which Nissan was a choice among executives nearly 10 years ago or so. The magic of Nissan’s cold air-con along with the roomy cabin of the Cefiro isn’t anymore a proposition in which back-seat riding people take, since Camrys along with Accords had taken the helm in which Nissan used to dominate. With rising incomes, the upper echelons today line-up for BMW 5 Series along with Benz E Class saloons to take them anywhere they wish.

Under the J32 platform code, the second generation Teana debuted in several ASEAN markets (like Thailand, where This specific one is usually aplenty) in 2008 under the Teana (some other countries used the Cefiro badge) or Maxima – for consumers land down under – nameplates. The platform being utilized is usually also shared with the Murano along with several Renault vehicles sold in France. Although being marketed in some nations, the idea is usually succeeded by the L33 Altima (along with being renamed as such).

within the RP context, however, Nissan Motor Philippines Inc. is usually notoriously known to bring world acclaimed cars too late to the market, like three to several years past their selling date. The J32 Teana arrived in late 2010 with two engine options along with more plush. In March 2014, alongside a transition to a united Nissan, the L33 Altima was brought here. One can get the 250XL along with 350XV types when the idea was brand new.

Value along with Costs
Since a brand new Altima was introduced (or brought up to the grave), second hand Teana prices may fall down a bit yet not to an extent the idea will fall below the million peso range. As a golden rule regarding late style vehicles, get the newest style you can in which the remainder of the warranty can be used.

Bad news? With This specific car being a low volume style, replacement parts are very limited so better be careful on driving. Also, with This specific car sporting a V6 engine expect high gas bills yet if you can afford This specific type of car you should not be complaining.

outdoor along with Inside
Large as the idea is usually, you wouldn’t mind especially the idea provides the luxury in which Nissans within the premium category give. So let the outdoor speak for itself. One feature present within the 350XV is usually the panoramic glass ceiling which gives an airy feeling for the occupants.

The highlight, of course, goes to the cabin. The beige Inside is usually nice to see yet touching the idea with dirty hands is usually an eye sore plus a pain to clean. Of course, there’s the wood paneling along with the seating may be less for some, yet with some magic strings they’ve done a way.

Unlike the predecessor, This specific generation offered two V6 engines which may suit both personalities. The basic is usually a 2.5 V6 having 182hp along with 232Nm in which may be lacking for some yet you wouldn’t mind the idea anyways. Our recommended engine is usually the 3.5 V6 with 248hp along with 335Nm being shared with the 350z along with Murano yet tuned in a different way.

Driving Impressions
One great feature of This specific sedan is usually the Xtronic CVT in which is usually up to the task of keeping the automobile within the right gear whether you have a feather foot or a speed devil, there’s an appropriate speed for you. Handling is usually fine yet the suspension system isn’t great on isolating road imperfections towards the cabin, yet then you wouldn’t be complaining about the idea.

There’s no doubt the Teana is usually one fine vehicle, with the luxurious feeling in which one can get without costing your arm along using a kidney stone for a Benz. However, you may want to live with some imperfections in which you’ll encounter, so decide wisely.

The Great:

  • Comfortable
  • Smooth ride
  • Creamy engine
The Bad:
  • Dirt prone Inside
  • Driving spirits not available
  • Large
The Pick: 350XV

Engines: 2,495cc VQ25DE along with 3,498cc VQ35DE V6 gasoline
Power: 182hp @ 6,000rpm (2.5), 248hp @ 6,000rpm (3.5)
Torque: 232Nm @ 4,000rpm (2.5), 335Nm @ 4,400rpm (3.5)
Fuel Consumption: 6-9km/L (city), 8-11km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Transmission: 6-speed CVT
Suspension: Front independent strut with coil springs, rear multi-link
cost (brand new): P1,0,000-P2,050,000
cost (today): P1,0,000-P1,400,000
Rivals: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Galant, Hyundai Sonata
On Sale: 2010-2014
Nissan Mantrade – (02) 843-8011

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Used Car Review – Nissan Teana (2010-2014)

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