Used Car Review – Nissan Eagle (1991-1998)

Used Car Review – Nissan Eagle (1991-1998)

Need a reliable truck of which can fit the meager budget? Myk Belmonte gives you one suggestion.


1991-1998 Nissan Eagle

Throwback: its the 90s in addition to most Japanese pickup trucks are tuned for hauling, not comfort. While efforts were done to “modernize” the truck by placing power amenities in addition to even an automatic transmission option, although the bumpy ride still dictates sacks of rice than humans. One of the common choices for a hauler back then was the Nissan Hardbody or locally known as the Power Eagle, which can be the vehicle being discussed here.

Basically the continuation of the Datsun Truck, the D21 generation was sold unofficially as the Hardbody within the US although some other countries have their own names. Centeng configurations include the standard length (two door), extended (two door with long bed), in addition to crew cab (four doors) which has a plethora of gasoline in addition to diesel engines which can be paired with either manual or automatic. While of which bowed out in some countries in 1997-1999 for the Frontier, some Central in addition to South American nations sell This kind of one until today.

Although first made available as the “Classic” in 1987, the Power series was launched in 1991 which featured several firsts in its category including power steering in addition to some other power amenities. Do remember of which the Ultra Power trim was used in 1994 in addition to was renamed as the Ultra Eagle in 1996. Sales ceased in 1998 to give way to the Frontier in addition to apart through the Ultra variant available, there can be the basic DLX of which can be famed for being used by media networks back then.

Value in addition to Costs
Need a dependable truck on the cheap? Well, the Nissan Eagle can be one great option with units flirting  within the P170,000-P320,000 range. If possible, hunt for a unit of which had seen private usage more than those abused within the rough, since these units can be a pain especially for their suspension.

Fuel economy, for a diesel, can be decent enough while parts can be purchased anywhere although priced on the higher side. One problem of which affected pre-1996 products of This kind of truck can be rust which plagued the wheel wells positioned within the bed area. For those who are asking how of which happened, This kind of can be more of a design error whose inner design configuration was a boxed area which allowed water in addition to dirt to enter in addition to be trapped. Go for an Eagle series to avoid the problem of rusts within the bed.

outdoor in addition to Indoor 
All Power pick-up trucks have four doors, in addition to on of which Centeng comes a boxy in addition to more macho appearance. So, what Centeng features compliment This kind of pickup? Well, chrome grille in front (later used by some competitors) in addition to one single handle within the tailgate. Remember, less can be more, as there no tacky chrome handles to see (remember the Frontier Navarra Krom?).

With all pickup trucks, the rear bench isn’t Great for three people although two can be a perfect although comfortable fit. Weirdly enough, the stereo can be located below the air-conditioning controls which the driver can have a hard time switching stations.

Fitted within the Power pickup series can be the SD25 2,488cc with 70hp at 4,000rpm to play with (no torque figures are available at research), which has some power within the lower revs to keep chugging on. The low end pull means of which the engine can be Great for hauling, the intended purpose of This kind of truck. Going at triple digit speeds especially at top speed could scream at the top of its lungs, which you wouldn’t want of which to happen.

Driving Impressions
Step within the driver’s seat in addition to you get a clutch of which can be easy to step on, thanks to its hydraulic system. Also, the manual gearstick can be a short throw one, which can be definitely a Great thing. If we were to discuss about its comfort, the Power Eagle incorporates a powerful (pun unintended) in addition to durable suspension Great for your farm needs or your family riding with you although not when driving solo since of which incorporates a bumpy ride. Do remember of which the suspension settings are like of which due to its hauling nature, its intended purpose.

Before settling with This kind of truck, do you need a comfort of a car? Steer clear. How about something sturdy for your construction needs at a budget? Consider This kind of one. Remember, life can be full of compromises so decide very carefully. 

The Great:

  • More features for the buck
  • Durable
  • Tame looks
The Bad:
  • Noisy
  • Three within the back can be tight
  • Great luck if the bed rusts
The Pick: Ultra 

Engine: 2,488cc SD25 I4 diesel
Power: 70hp @ 4,000rpm
Torque: No data available
Fuel Consumption: 7-9km/L (city), 8-11km/L (highway)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Suspension: Front independent double wishbone, rear 5-link type with coil spring
cost (brand new): P400,000-P700,000 (estimated, ranging through 1991-1998)
cost (right now): P170,000-P320,000
Rivals: Mitsubishi L200, Mazda B Series, Isuzu Pickup, Toyota Hilux
On Sale: 1991-1998
Nis-Parts – (02) 712-8021

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Used Car Review – Nissan Eagle (1991-1998)

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