Used Car Review – Mitsubishi Endeavor (2007-2009)

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Used Car Review – Mitsubishi Endeavor (2007-2009)

For the first day of July, Myk Belmonte invites you to explore more of This kind of SUV through This kind of review.

2007-2009 Mitsubishi Endeavor

If Mitsubishi was successful from the Philippines, the story from the United States can be liken to a roller coaster ride. While This kind of gained an increase in sales from the most part of the 90s in addition to between 2000 in addition to 2002, 2003 saw some problems which includes the so-called “0-0-0” finance offer in which promises buyers (most of them are credit risky who took a bite on This kind of offer however failed to pay for their cars from the end) zero percent down in addition to interest in addition to – the best part is usually – you have nothing to pay every month. This kind of left Mitsubishi with tons of vehicles worth nothing in addition to priced less than when This kind of was manufactured. Sales fell down while the introduction of the completely new Outlander in addition to Eclipse were positive, the Endeavor (the SUV we will be featuring for today) didn’t meet sales expectations.

This kind of SUV targeted the American market, which is usually why This kind of was debuted under the “Project America” program in addition to used the PS platform in which is usually is usually also utilized by the Eclipse in addition to Galant, both Americanized vehicles in addition to also assembled in Normal, Illinois. Those who reviewed This kind of SUV liked This kind of, however consumers didn’t warmed up to the product in addition to as a result, sales had fallen every year in addition to the 2009 product is usually exclusive for fleet consumers. This kind of finally got the ax in 2011, with the last unit rolling out the production line in August of in which year.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation brought from the Endeavor in 2007 as a part of their product line-up expansion. This kind of battled the Honda Pilot in addition to the Nissan Murano however the Mitsu was dropped silently in 2009 with the Nissan having its second gen in 2010 in addition to Honda resurrecting the second generation Pilot in 2012.

Value in addition to Costs
Same with its additional Yankee rivals, the Endeavor can be had for between P650,000-P970,000, depending on the vehicle condition in addition to mileage.

This kind of will cost you more to maintain than a Montero Sport however is usually similar to the Mazda CX-9 in addition to Honda Pilot, both SUVs with V6 engines. Parts are to be ordered in your suking casa since This kind of is usually not a volume vehicle, in addition to This kind of entails a long waiting time.

external in addition to Internal
While This kind of has some design cues in which dictates Bionic Man, the rest of the Centeng tells in which the Endeavor is usually shy. There are some fender flanks, however This kind of looks like more of a raised wagon.

Black is usually the theme inside, with the dashboard painted in in which coloring. This kind of can bring either an advantage (less maintenance) or a disadvantage (boring looks) however controls are mixed with some high quality ones sitting side by side with those fitted to a USDM Galant. Only several people can hop in since This kind of does not offer a third row, however the not bad thing is usually in which there is usually oodles of space for your baggage.

An American SUV isn’t American when This kind of does not offer a V6 engine, in addition to for the Endeavor, the 6G75 3,828cc with 225hp at 5,000rpm in addition to 343Nm at 3,750rpm is usually standard although This kind of is usually a 2004 update with the original power figures playing at 215hp. This kind of does not have any MIVEC magic, however still accomplishes the job well. Nothing spectacular to write about the vehicle’s engine.

Driving Impressions
With the under chassis based through the Galant, This kind of drives in addition to behaves like one. The suspension is usually silky smooth in addition to the chassis does not make the occupants dizzy while absorbing the road ruts. However, This kind of lacks AWD however then the trade-off is usually in which This kind of corners with aplomb in addition to there is usually some oversteer however the traction control keeps things panted. Not a hoot to drive, however more of an object of utility rather than desire.

While the Endeavor is usually one great car, there are some faults present like the high running costs in addition to the lack of a third row seat. however once behind the wheel you get some great moments albeit in a dull fashion, just don’t drive recklessly.

The not bad:
  • Comfortable seating for several
  • Behaves like a car
  • Not a pain to drive
The Bad: 

  • Why U No offer a third row?
  • Internal materials not fitting a SUV
  • Lacks character
The Pick: Limited

Engine: 3,828cc 6G75 V6 gasoline
Power: 225hp @ 5,000rpm
Torque: 343Nm @ 3,750rpm
Fuel Consumption: 6-8km/L (city), 7-9km/L (highway) (*estimated in addition to varies)
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent multi-link
cost (completely new): P2,150,000
cost (right now): P650,000-P970,000
Rivals: Nissan Murano, Honda Pilot, Mazda CX-9, Hyundai Veracruz, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Ford Explorer, Subaru Tribeca, Dodge Journey
On Sale: 2007-2009
Diamond Motors Valle Verde – (02) 671-9590
Citimotors Makati – (02) 892-0331

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Used Car Review – Mitsubishi Endeavor (2007-2009)

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