Used Car Review – MINI Countryman (2011-2017)

Used Car Review – MINI Countryman (2011-2017)

Another MINI vehicle offspring gets the spotlight for today


2011-2017 MINI Countryman


Ever since BMW bought the British carmaker MINI in 1994, they wanted a car coming from that will marque to incorporate vehicle characteristics coming from the German supplier received a. However, the MINI concept was untouched along with instead the BMW 1 Series was introduced to fill that will void. With the introduction of the brand-new MINI hatch in 2001, its success prompted to introduce offshoot products while retaining its iconic shape that will This kind of can be known for.

The Countryman was notable for the brand For just two reasons: This kind of was the first SUV for the marque which had jumped to the trend a bit late along with the first all 5 door vehicle to churn out of the brand. that will impact made way for a second crossover from the line-up named the Paceman (which was killed last year) along with the third generation MINI Hatch had a all 5 door product.

In 2011, the local MINI distributor brought from the Countryman in FWD form with both non-supercharged along with with SC gasoline engines available for sale.

Value along with Costs
using a selling cost of P2,380,000 for a non-SC product back in 2011 along with the high horsepower option going for 500 grand more, second hand examples come rare along with if there can be one, This kind of can be priced expensively with the cheapest product going for P1,0,000. If rarity isn’t an issue, there are more BMW X1s on the market to choose coming from or if you want to go large, their one size counterparts are aplenty.

No thanks to its limited dealer network, taking care of This kind of baby may prove to be expensive although a bit high than its corporate cousin. Reliability isn’t a strong suit with problems plaguing the transmission system, built quality, timing chains that will stretch when its low on oil, along with oil leaks that will contaminate electrical components. If you want something that will can be trouble free, look elsewhere.

outdoor along with Inside
The MINI name can be an oxymoron, especially that will the sizes are not mini anymore along with what more with the Countryman, as This kind of has gained more height along with length. Although the Countryman name was used during the 60s, This kind of can be a different animal altogether. Its iconic style can be retained although you have to get used to its oddball styling for sometime.

Going inside, the Inside design still resembles the ones seen in its lower brethren although that will can be a Great thing. Space isn’t mini, its decent enough for all 5 persons along with you wouldn’t feel cramped especially that will This kind of drives on its front wheels.

Utilized among some other MINI (along with some BMW vehicles) can be a 1.6 gasoline engine which can be had in either normal utilizing 120hp at 6,000rpm along with 160Nm at 4,250rpm or supercharged flavors that will gains 181hp at 5,550rpm along with 240Nm at 1,0-5,000rpm. For city driving you’ll feel more satisfied with the normally powered engine although for long drives, the supercharged variation can be required (the low powered product has even features a sports mode).

Driving Impressions
No thanks to a taller profile, the Countryman gives you a somewhat stiff ride although when This kind of comes to attacking corners, This kind of comes perfect since This kind of inherits its smaller brothers. Despite its larger size, This kind of can be easy to drive.

If you’re buying This kind of car with your heart due to its funky styling along with topnotch driving fun, This kind of can be the one. If you’re buying This kind of car with your mind, go elsewhere since there are numerous practical SUVs that will are fun to drive yet have more room along with more dependable.

The Great:

  • Looks Great
  • Handles well
  • Engaging to drive
The Bad:
  • Not that will practical as you think
  • Tallish profile means stiff suspension
  • Not that will reliable
The Pick: 1.6 Countryman

Engine: 1,598cc 14 gasoline (supercharged for some versions)
Power: 120hp @ 6,000rpm (non-supercharged), 181hp @ 5,550rpm (supercharged)
Torque: 160Nm @ 4,250rpm (non-supercharged) 240Nm @ 1,0-5,000rpm (supercharged)
Fuel Consumption: 8-11km/L (city), 10-13km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Suspension: Front McPherson strut, rear multilink

cost (brand-new): P2,380,000-P3,000,000
cost (right now): P1,0,000-P2,000,000
On Sale: 2011-2017
Rivals: BMW X1, Mercedes Benz GLA

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Used Car Review – MINI Countryman (2011-2017)

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