Used Car Review – Mercedes Benz SLK Class (2004-2011)

Used Car Review – Mercedes Benz SLK Class (2004-2011)

Our convertible candidate is usually back, along with explore more of This particular if you are not interested on the one we featured last Monday. Myk Belmonte invites you to discover more through This particular review.


2004-2011 Mercedes Benz SLK Class

Among the German convertibles available, Myk does have a soft spot for the SLK Class especially that will I had featured the predecessor of our featured design almost a year ago. the idea brought in strong engines along having a metal top. would likely This particular win the hearts of the buyers, let’s see within the following articles.

Sold under the R171 code, the second generation SLK Class was made available in 2004 along with kept the values that will Mercedes Benz (or in This particular case, DaimlerChyrsler due to the fact the idea was developed under their partnership) wants to imbibe in This particular car. 2011 was the last year you can purchase This particular car brand brand new, with the R172 SLK replacing the idea.

Thanks to CATS Motors, all engines released worldwide were made available to the public. Variants include  the 0 Kompressor, 280, 350, along with the 55 AMG available on an indent basis.

Value along with Costs
Locally sold units would likely cost you between P1,800,000-P2,0,000. Why priced high? Convertibles are rare within the Philippines due to our weather here. Be careful if there is usually any, units via free ports especially those via Cagayan. They may have questionable conversion process along with also, scariest of them, documents that will can place you in danger.

European cars in general have expensive maintenance costs, so don’t think of buying one if you do not have a stable income. Among things, the convertible top must be checked first if there is usually any difficulty in opening along with if leaks are present. Before buying, let your fingers walk through every button you see.

outdoor along with Internal
F1 is usually the word that will you would likely say when you see the R171 SLK due to the front resembling a Formula One race car. The long hood, short tail profile is usually still there, as well as aggressive haunches. You can have an F1 inspired car without taking special driving lessons that will are costly. With top or not, girls will look at you.

You will feel that will the cabin is usually snug when entering the bank vault like doors. Tons of silver buttons that will control every function are abound the Internal ranging via the memory seat to the steering adjustment. The gauges break the Benz tradition, they have hoods along with between them is usually a screen that will reports your fuel consumption, temperature, along with some other important data. Headroom is usually not Great, especially if you are a six footer, yet no problems for the some other parts of the Centeng.

Luckily, our country had all the engine options that will the international market has. Starting via the bottom is usually the M271 I4 packed having a supercharger which carries 184hp at 5,500rpm along with 250Nm at 2,800-5,000rpm. Next in line are two V6 engines, having a 2,996cc with 200hp at 6,000rpm along with 300Nm at 2,400-5,000rpm along having a 3,498cc which carries 305hp at 6,500rpm along with 460Nm at 4,900rpm, both engines come via the M272 family. The big boss of them all is usually the M113 5,439cc V8 that will carries 355hp at 6,000rpm along with 510Nm at 4,000rpm. The 1.8, although decent for those brand new to the experience, to get acceptable power you must push the pedal more along with mind you, you are begging for at least the 3 liter ones. Both of these engines flirting within the 3 liter range are fast in their knees along with have a great growling sound. The 5.5 V8 has more burble especially if you are not intimidated by them, yet they are rare finds.

Driving Impressions
You will appreciate This particular beast more for long trips than the dash to the nearest 711 store since the suspension settings soaks up the bumps yet the steering lacks that will crisp which does not go with the design flow. Bad thing is usually that will, This particular thing drives like a big car yet you’ll forgive This particular when on the motion. Between the manual along with automatic modes, go for the latter since the idea responds better. Braking is usually a suit, as well as stability due to the standard Electronic Stability Control.

Our candidate, the Porsche Boxster, is usually very hardcore along with turns off those who want something for the daily living. This particular candidate, promises every ounce of driving fun for the long road. Can afford to buy a weekend car? Place This particular in your choices.

The Great:

  • Drives Great
  • Looks Great
  • Well equipped

The Bad:

  • Great luck finding one
  • the idea may use some seat support
  • Not Great when the top isn’t working

The Pick: SLK 350

Engines: 1,796cc M271 I4 supercharged, 2,996cc along with 3,498cc M272 V6, 5,439cc M113 V8
Power: 184hp @ 5,500rpm (1.8), 200hp @ 6,000rpm (3.0), 305hp @ 6,500rpm (3.5), 355hp @ 6,000rpm (5.5)
Torque: 250Nm @ 2,800-5,000rpm (1.8), 300Nm @ 2,400-5,000rpm (3.0), 460Nm @ 4,900rpm (3.5),  510Nm @ 4,000rpm (5.5)
Fuel Consumption: 4-8km/L (city), 7-10km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Transmission: 5-speed automatic (1.8), 7-speed automatic (rest of lineup)
Suspension: Front independent double wishbone, rear independent multi-link

cost (brand new): P3,450,000-P5,350,000
cost (currently): P1,800,000-P2,0,000
Rivals: BMW Z4, Audi TT, Porsche Boxster
On Sale: 2004-2011

CATS Greenhills – (02) 784-5005
CATS Global City – (02) 815-7777

Used Car Review – Mercedes Benz SLK Class (2004-2011)

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