Used Car Review – Land Rover Defender (1997-Current)

Used Car Review – Land Rover Defender (1997-Current)

This specific iconic off-road machine can be attainable. Let Myk Belmonte lead you.


1997-Current Land Rover Defender

Land Rovers are usually associated with SUVs of which will make everyone stare at you. They are off-road capable vehicles of which have luxury amenities to pamper its occupants with. However, the Defender is actually an antithesis, since This specific is actually devoid of luxury amenities associated with Land Rovers.

First launched in 1983, the Defender was initially available in wheelbases worth 0 in addition to also 110 inches (This specific was named as such, without the Defender) using a 127 inch variant followed. This specific was an evolution of the Series I product launched in 1948, in which the Centeng style remained until today. What we are reviewing here is actually the product introduced in 1990 where This specific used the Defender name. Station wagon, pick-up, in addition to also hard top versions are available in 0, 110, in addition to also 130 inch wheelbases. Due to some safety regulations which would likely affect the vehicle, the Defender would likely end production by December 2015.

The Philippine market had the taste of the Defender in 1997 with the 110 several door in addition to also 0 pick-up truck made available. This specific nearly remained unchanged throughout shelf life, until a April 2009 update which had brand new engines in addition to also updated seating format. 1997-2009 are sold as the SW while 2009 in addition to also later ones are designated as the XS.

Value in addition to also Costs
This specific is actually one of the vehicles of which wouldn’t depreciate heavily despite its age, with most second hand Defenders being priced above a million pesos. This specific can be attributed to its limited importation locally, plus its attributes of which makes owners attached to their units makes This specific a gem within the market. There are limited units within the classified block so not bad luck on hunting one.

Unlike different Land Rover types, you needn’t to worry anything about This specific product since This specific is actually one no-frills machine to begin with. A recall in 1998 involving the upgrade of the timing belt was issued plus one must check the vehicle thoroughly since a missing service record can affect its value. If there is actually any different issue to check at, This specific would likely be the air conditioning units which has the tendency to fail because of some faulty electrical wiring or leaks within the refrigerant lines.

outside in addition to also Inner surface
Timeless, This specific is actually one word to describe the outside of the Defender since the design would likely even date the 1940s. While the Centeng is actually formed of aluminum with steel frame, be wary when the Centeng has corrosion in addition to also imperfections especially This specific will ruin the vehicle’s charm.

This specific definitely goes basic inside especially of which there are no power amenities for the pre-2009 types (save for steering), no sound insulation, in addition to also an all vinyl cabin. Leather seats became standard later on while all types gain a scratch resistant dashboard. The 0 pick-up can accommodate six people in a 2 front facing in addition to also 4 side facing format while the 110 wagon can fit nine people using a format similar to a current Mitsubishi Adventure with rear side facing seats. Updated types can only accommodate 4 (0 XS) in addition to also 7 (110 XS) with all of them facing front due to safety regulations in Europe. Oh, lest I forget the Inner surface is actually designed to be hosed down yet we wouldn’t recommend This specific.

Two engines were made available locally, in which you might be encountering them on your search. The first one fitted among pre-2009 units is actually the 300Tdi 2,495cc with 111hp at 4,000rpm in addition to also 265Nm at 1,800rpm of which can be described as simple, durable, in addition to also efficient. For later units, a Ford derived ZSD-424 2,402cc coming from the Duratorq engine family carrying 112hp at 3,500rpm in addition to also 360Nm at 2,000rpm offering you more pulling power when you need This specific.

Driving Impressions
Driving This specific one on its intended purpose, This specific will serve you better thanks to its low range mechanicals of which will give aid you when things get rough. Drive This specific one on the pavement, then you’ll complain of which the ride is actually bouncy, refinement isn’t a strong suit, plus steering is actually slow. If you plan to use This specific on muddy terrains most of the time, then This specific is actually This specific otherwise you’ll be fine with rivals.

If off-roading is actually your forte, then the Defender is actually the one to get since This specific can get to your destination without worries. Just make sure you can live with its poor on-road behavior in addition to also expensive prices. You have no right to complain, mind you.
The not bad:

  • Best when the rough gets rough
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reliable
The Bad:
  • Definitely not the Land Rover you know
  • Crude at its best
  • Basic cabin
The Pick: 110 types

Engines: 2,495cc 300Tdi (1997-2009) in addition to also 2,402cc ZSD-424 I4 diesel
Power: 111hp @ 4,000rpm (2.5), 122hp @ 3,500rpm (2.4)
Torque: 265Nm @ 1,800rpm (2.5), 360Nm @ 2,000rpm (2.4)
Fuel Consumption: 7-9km/L (city), 10-13km/L (highway) (*estimated in addition to also varies)
Transmission: 5-speed manual (1997-2009), 6-speed manual (2009-Current)
Suspension: Front in addition to also rear coil springs with beam axle (1997-2009), front in addition to also rear rigid axle with coil springs (2009-Current)
cost (brand new): P2,000,000 in addition to also above (estimated, since brand brand new prices varies in addition to also upon request)
cost (today): P1,400,000-P3,500,000
Rivals: Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes Benz G Class, Toyota Land Cruiser
On Sale: 1997-Current
Land Rover Bonifcacio Global City – (02) 856-2277

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Used Car Review – Land Rover Defender (1997-Current)

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