Used Car Review – Kia Sportage (1995-2002)

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Used Car Review – Kia Sportage (1995-2002)

With June a rainy month, Myk Belmonte pitches a compact SUV of which can hack the floods without drama.


1995-2002 Kia Sportage

In college, suspension of classes are declared at the discretion of the school (the idea will be heaven when the local government would likely announce the idea) as well as at of which scenario, floods attack the roads which means commuting can be hard while taking a sedan will be a risky choice. In of which scenario, an off-road (in This particular case, flood) capable vehicle must be the doctor’s order.

One of the worthy choices for students will be the first generation Kia Sportage. Bet you didn’t know of which majority of the components are supplied by Mazda with the base via the Bongo van. via its 1993 launch, standard as well as extended length (dubbed as the Grand Sportage) as well as convertible versions were made available. 2002 saw the discontinuation in South Korea (the idea didn’t sell well) as well as United States with some other countries following suit.

Columbian Autocar Corporation brought inside the Sportage in 1995 as a part of their product line-up expansion (the company used to build as well as distribute numerous brands back then). Initially available using a gasoline engine, using a diesel under the hood of the Grand Sportage style replacing the idea in 1999. After its 2002 discontinuation, first generation versions were well-known second hand imports in Cebu as well as most of Mindanao.

Value as well as Costs
Local as well as imported units are priced between P90,000-P250,000, which will be reasonable for its age as well as Kias of old are not known for their stellar residuals. While Korean surplus units are worth looking, dubious papers as well as document deficiencies are problems, so be careful with them or you wouldn’t want your car to be impounded.

With the influx of Korean specialist shops, as well as the numerous surplus imports, parts are easy to find as well as purchase. Various nibbles include ignition problems (for gasoline variants), dirty sensors, as well as engine overheating. Going to the concern of students, since the diesel engine isn’t CRDi, wading through floods isn’t a problem.

external as well as Inner surface
Rugged will be the word to describe the Sportage’s external, despite the influx of competitors boasting sleek lines, This particular stood time as well as does not get old. The Grand Sportage style can be differentiated via the short length style sold via 1995 to 1998 with its long Centeng, no spare tire at the back, hood scoop, as well as Centeng stickers. Opening the rear door for those versions using a spare tire will be complicated, as well as This particular impedes rear visibility; so the logical choice will be the extended edition which will be a conventional lift type.

Whether the short or extended wheelbase, the Inner surface will be basic although does the job well. Another plus are the legible labels as well as controls are within driver’s reach. However there are some quality quirks of which cannot be avoided on some 90s era Korean vehicles. Downside will be for the passengers who love to sit at the back will be the limited legroom there, although cargo space for the extended style will be excellent.

Both engines are supplied by Mazda, as well as the short wheelbase pre-1999 versions possess the FE 1,998cc gasoline which churns out 130hp at 5,500rpm as well as 172Nm at 4,000rpm. Those with extended bodies possess the RF 1,998cc diesel with 91hp at 6,000rpm as well as 205Nm at 4,200rpm. How do they perform inside the real world? Gasoline engines have decent acceleration although isn’t behaved, diesels are economical although very weak. The manual would likely be standard transmission with an automatic being added inside the 1999 update.

Driving Impressions
Do not expect too much on This particular aspect, as This particular one carries a handling which reminds you of a truck (you wouldn’t doubt since the idea will be based via the Mazda Bongo), refinement isn’t to the levels of the same time RAV4 or CR-V, crude suspension settings, as well as while the manual will be vague, matics has the tendency to hunt for gears. There will be one aspect where the Sportage shines, off-road capability. The sub-par refinement levels would likely give you confidence off the trails (or in This particular case, flooded streets).

Students on a tight budget who need a flood wading vehicle should look no further than the Sportage. However, at of which cost better (as well as way superior) choices can be had. My tip? Study all available options.

The Great: 

  • Affordable
  • 4WD ready
  • Rugged looks
The Bad:
  • Questionable reliability
  • Not a driver’s delight
  • Tight inside
The Pick: AVEX Diesel

Engines: 1,998cc FE I4 gasoline as well as 1,998 RF I4 diesel 
Power: 130hp @ 5,500rpm (gasoline), 91hp @ 6,000rpm (diesel)
Torque: 172Nm @ 4,000rpm (gasoline), 205Nm @ 4,200rpm (diesel)
Fuel Consumption: 7-10km/L (city), 9-12km/L (highway) (*estimated as well as varies)
Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent double wishbone, rear rigid axle 5 link with coil springs
cost (brand new): P680,000-P870,000
cost (right now): P90,000-P250,000
Rivals: Suzuki Vitara, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4
On Sale: 1995-2002
VGT Korean Auto Parts – 0922 266-1106

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Used Car Review – Kia Sportage (1995-2002)

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