Used Car Review – Hyundai Getz (2005-2011)

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Used Car Review – Hyundai Getz (2005-2011)

Another hatchback feature then? Myk Belmonte gives in to your desires by reviewing one more just for This particular week then.


2005-2011 Hyundai Getz

For students like you in addition to me, develop the pops give us a car in addition to were not bad to go. yet then, there are some limitations to remember. Space (especially those whose schools have limited parking spaces or access through roads similar to Milan) is usually one, so SUVs in addition to lengthy vehicles are not suitable. Fuel consumption is usually one factor too, same goes with budget. yet then, I do not advice to sacrifice everything (which means skipping meals just to save) to get a car. Sometimes, commuting is usually a practical option yet for those insisting on getting a car, may I suggest you one option without resorting to a tight budget.

The Hyundai Getz is usually a success for the Korean car industry since in which is usually sold in nearly every place inside the globe (except Canada, United States, in addition to China) for low prices in which first time owners can look forward to. Different names have been used which includes a Dodge (Mexico in addition to Venezuela) in addition to Inkom (Malaysia) counterpart (they are badge engineered, not knockoffs). So successful in which even their successors (like the case of the i20 in Europe) existed, the Getz is usually still available. However, some countries had to let go with some as early as 2008.

As part of Hyundai Asia Resources’ product portfolio expansion, the Getz was added to the roster in 2005. The hatchback market wasn’t in which crowded in addition to in which was an opportunity for the brand to be known for more than the Starex van. in which was a hit since in which offered more room for less prices, in addition to with the fuel prices soaring during in which time, in which made sense. The i10 was definitely not the direct replacement yet the two complimented one another, in addition to with time, 2011 saw the Getz being placed six feet underground. This particular vehicle did not have any direct predecessor coming from the line-up. There is usually one trim variant per engine, yet 2009 saw the GL having a base in addition to a spec-up style which had a rear wiper, power door locks, in addition to Centeng coloring door handles.

Value in addition to Costs
Students, do you like a completely new car yet your parents hate to pay the monthly amortization bundled with in which? Then, a pre-owned Getz is usually the prudent choice, with most units lingering inside the P200,000-P340,000 range. yet then, there are various other choices inside the cost range coming from the same era, so study your options well since you might not be satisfied which has a Getz.

The cost of having one wont drain your wallet, so your parents will have money for your one term of school while having spare money for the barkada gimiks in addition to school requirements. Parts can be acquired coming from Korean specialist shops in addition to fueling This particular baby does not hurt the bank vault.

outdoor in addition to Internal
Despite having a Korean badge, in which has some European design cues coming from the doors in addition to bumpers. Match in which with some eye popping colors (including a coloring in which matches a beverage company) in addition to you get a European hatchback without the expensive maintenance costs.

You’ll be surprised with the room in which comes especially for the cost. in which had the room to compete the Jazz yet for versatility, the Honda comes victor. You can fold the seats to accommodate in which school project at the expense of ferrying two people (you in addition to a classmate) or going to a bike trail during weekends. Internal quality isn’t a strength, as hard plastic dominates the cabin, yet then, you wouldn’t expect much. Airbags aren’t standard, yet another safety feature (if you will consider This particular as one) is usually in which the chassis code is usually located under the front passenger seat. Perfect for registering inside the LTO, your parents might thank in which feature.

There are four fengines just for This particular vehicle, yet all of them are less than a party size bottle of a Coke. First (in addition to the longest among them all) is usually a 1.1 (1,086cc) engine which carries 66hp at 5,500rpm in addition to 86Nm at 3,200rpm. The rare one is usually a 1.3 (1,341cc) in which has 82hp at 5,500rpm in addition to 117Nm at 3,200rpm due to the fact in which was only available in 2005 in addition to replaced by a 1.4 (1,399cc) in which possess 95hp at 6,000rpm in addition to 125Nm at 3,200rpm. All of them are gasoline ones yet there is usually one diesel, in addition to in which is usually a 1.5 CRDi which has 110hp at 4,000rpm in addition to 235Nm at 1,900-2,750rpm. For the gasoline engines, they offer decent acceleration yet for fuel economy, the top choice is usually the 1.1 engine. The diesel (which is usually hard to find) is usually extremely more efficient yet acceleration is usually something to be desired.

Driving Impressions
As a city car, maneuvering is usually a breeze especially if you encounter eskinitas on your daily grind. in which has the grip, yet quivers on corners, yet then you wouldn’t expect much. While the clutch pedal is usually soft, in which is usually somewhat a challenge to manipulate especially for the diesel variant, which has its reverse beside the first gear similar to the Accent (gasoline types make do with an ordinary gear shift).

coming from salespeople to first time owners, the Getz was a winner. which has a roomy cabin in which can fit four people in addition to at the same time offer in which at low prices, where can you find one? Despite the shortcomings, you’ll forgive them, after all you will love the convenience in addition to savings in which has.

The not bad:

  • Big in space
  • Affordable
  • Practical
The Bad:
  • Low quality Internal
  • No safety kit
  • Leans on corners
The Pick: 1.1 GL

Engines: 1,086cc, 1,341cc , in addition to 1,399cc I4 gasoline; 1,493cc I4 diesel
Power: 66hp @ 5,500rpm (1.1), 82hp @ 5,500rpm (1.3), 95hp @ 6,000rpm (1.4), 110hp @ 4,000rpm (diesel)
Torque: 86Nm @ 3,200rpm (1.1), 117Nm @ 3,200rpm (1.3), 125Nm @ 3,200rpm (1.4), 235Nm @ 1,900-2,750rpm (diesel)
Fuel Consumption: 8-11km/L (city), 9-13km/L (highway) (*estimated in addition to varies)
Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear rigid axle with torsion beam
cost (completely new): P419,000-P628,000
cost (currently): P200,000-P340,000
Rivals: Kia Picanto, Suzuki Celerio, Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai i10, Chery QQ, Suzuki Alto, Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2 Hatchback, Ford Fiesta Hatchback, Chevrolet Aveo hatchback, Suzuki Swift
On Sale: 2005-2011
Hyundai Quezon Avenue – (02) 374-3911
Hyundai Pasig – (02) 672-3801
Hyundai E. Rodriguez – (02) 727-6396

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Used Car Review – Hyundai Getz (2005-2011)

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