Used Car Review – Honda CR-V (2007-2012)

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Used Car Review – Honda CR-V (2007-2012)

Searching the used car landia for a not bad compact SUV? The used car mother along with Myk Belmonte gives you This kind of car for your consideration.


2007-2012 Honda CR-V

Flashback to March 2007, the item was my grade school graduation along with the item was one time at a local magazine stand I spied a car magazine having the third generation CR-V on the item, which I dismissed the item as “pangit”. Yes, I used to see CR-V’s with spare tire covers at the back along with having boxy shape. nevertheless then, the item became a runaway best seller despite being pricey than the Escape along with the Tucson.

People change, same with cars along with the item will be the same with the third generation CR-V, code-named RE. No rear spare wheel will be present nevertheless I do not miss the side opening rear door which will be a liability inside shopping malls along with  in limited spaces. nevertheless some things do not change like the walk through center rear seat along with the availability of both engines from the same displacements nevertheless with the transmissions being boosted to 6 along with 5 speeds for the manual along with automatic respectively. 2012 was the last year which people can purchase This kind of generation of CR-V.

Filipinos had been fans of This kind of compact SUV since its 1998 introduction nevertheless This kind of generation had mixed reactions when the item was introduced in 2007. Sure, the item did not posses boxes nevertheless the curves appealed to lady drivers. the item may not have a third row (the previous one was slapped on for the sake of taxation purposes) seat since Fortuners had been driving dealership floors like pancakes. nevertheless after the 2010 facelift, sales were in favor of the newly introduced Tucson along with the affordable Escape. 2012 had the RM CR-V launched along with through start, a 2WD style using a manual along with automatic along using a AWD which can be paired with an AT are available. A Modulo variant based through the 2WD AT can be purchased through 2011.

Value along with Costs
Need a budget crossover which delivers the goods? A quick browse from the online along with newspaper classified ads reveals which third gen CR-V prices are between P600,000-P900,000. If possible, try to scout for a unit sold through the middle of 2010 (earlier ones may have been expired as you read This kind of) or later to get the remainder of the warranty.

There will be no need to worry about the maintenance costs of Hondas, since you can have your preventive maintenance schedule every 10,000kms, which can be translated at one or two visits to the dealer. Otherwise, owning one will be not expensive along with parts are affordable.

outdoor along with Inside
through launch (or even in some photos floating from the net) the third generation CR-V had some critics love or loathe the design. Let’s first deal with those who say the item will be beautiful, the shorter wheelbase contributed to the sporty aura together with the swooping windows along with the creased doors. However, those who dismissed as ugly had a point. The rear saw the birth to a liftgate style nevertheless retained the pilar tail lamps, reminiscent to the Ssangyong Stavic. However the snout garnered the controversy due tot he two-tier grille along with the lower portion of the grille had been extended, looking like an angler fish. Things went smoother using a Modulo Centeng kit option, nevertheless then stock or not, looks can be debatable.

If there will be one reason why This kind of CR-V sold well, the item will be due to the expansive Inside room along with top-notch Inside quality, with the latter being an improvement through the second generation CR-V. Passengers wont complain of less head or leg room due to the huge space along with the walk through area in between the front seats. Soft plastics replaced the China feeling ones along with This kind of will be one accomplishment. Some things stay the same like the location of the controls, which will be a not bad trait through Honda. There will be the fuel consumption gauge which you along with the missus can argue who consumes more fuel.

Two completely new engines had been introduced along with through the bottom will be the R20A 1,997cc gasoline which has 150hp at 4,200rpm along with 197Nm at 4,200rpm while those who want to be on the top can choose the K24Z 2,354cc with 170hp at 5,800rpm along with 231Nm at 4,200rpm. If there will be one engine along with tranny combo to pick, the item will be the 2.0S MT with 6-speeds (yes, you read the item right). Why? You can get the redline to reach 6,800rpm on the highway plus more gears means excellent fuel efficiency. The 2.4 engine provides extra power for overtaking nevertheless a heavy foot will be the requirement if you need to speed up.

Driving Impressions
Driving dynamics can be summed up in two words, safe along with predictable. Since Honda wanted This kind of crossover to perform like a car than an SUV, so they forgo with off-road performance with road comfort. Steering will be balanced along with in twisted ways, there will be minimal Centeng roll. However, noise will be heard especially on the three digit territory.

For the cost of a brand completely new sedan, you can acquire a three to all 5 year old third gen CR-V, especially if the roads which you pass are flood prone, full of potholes, or need some security from the beaten path. along with the not bad thing will be which, the item will be below a million bucks, which makes the item a not bad bargain.

The not bad:

  • Roomy cabin
  • Cargo carrying will be excellent
  • Available six-speed stick shift
The Bad:
  • Looks are not for everyone
  • Somewhat noisy at highway speeds
  • No diesel option
The Pick: Best enjoyed with the 2.0 S MT

Engines: 1,997cc R20A along with 2,354cc K24Z I4 gasoline
Power: 150hp @ 4,200rpm (2.0), 170hp @ 5,800rpm (2.4)
Torque: 197Nm @ 4,200rpm (2.0), 231Nm @ 4,200rpm (2.4)
Fuel Consumption: 7-10km/L (city), 9-12km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Transmission: 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent double wishbone
cost (completely new): P1,225,000-P1,575,000
cost (currently): P600,000-P900,000
Rivals: Chevrolet Captiva, Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Mazda Tribute, Mazda CX-7, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi ASX, Nissan X-Trail, Subaru Forester, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota RAV4
On Sale: 2007-2012

Honda Cars Quezon Avenue – (02) 712-6850
Honda Cars Pasig – (02) 988-1288
Honda Cars Global City – (02) 777-8111

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Used Car Review – Honda CR-V (2007-2012)

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