Used Car Review – Honda Civic Hatchback (1992-1995)

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Used Car Review – Honda Civic Hatchback (1992-1995)

You see This kind of in modified form, yet you want to know how of which performs within the stock form. Myk Belmonte dishes out the story.


1992-1995 Honda Civic Hatchback

There can be such reason of which Japanese vehicles sell well within the tuner community. Why do I say so? Tons of aftermarket parts ranging by the performance enhancers to the aesthetics such as wheels along with Centeng kits are available. You can almost buy anything by the local tuner shop to your suking online seller to get what you need.

One of the “tuner” favorites can be the Honda Civic EG in both sedan along with hatchback flavors, yet due to This kind of article, I will be discussing more of the latter, with the sedan having its own review soon. of which was available to consumers in Japan on September 10, 1991 in sedan, coupe, along with hatchback flavors. of which was more lighter along with more comfortable than the previous generation yet the latter took a toll on its handling. of which received a Belo treatment (we’re not sure she can be famous back then) in 1994 along with replaced by the favorite EK Civic in 1996.

This kind of vehicle was launched in 1992 as an entry to the Peoples Car Development Program which occurred during the early 90s. of which replaced the briefly sold Civic EF not because of which was a lemon, yet of which was a coincidence of which of which was made available in 1991. The local aftermarket racing along with tuning scene had to thank This kind of car as of which made an impact to This kind of sectors because of the ease of fitting in a B16A engine along with the fun to drive characteristic. Sales ceased in November 1995 with the launch of the EK Civic, which makes the EG along with the previous EF having both sedan along with hatchback choices within the Civic line-up.

Value along with Costs
Almost twenty years in age, the Civic hatchback does not resist in having lower than P100,000 prices. Try searching within the Sunday block of classifieds to spot prices ranging between P110,000-P200,000, depending on the vehicle condition along with whether of which can be stock or not. Back in 1992, the P236,000 base cost did not include options such as headrests, sun visors, a passenger-side mirror, alloy wheels lifted by the LX Sedan, along with different creature comforts.

Cost of maintaining This kind of baby can be similar to vehicles having a carburetor sold within the same period. If you plan to buy one along with keep of which stock, make sure of which the engine can be fine along with there can be no need for an engine rebuilt. Going for a unit which has a B16A powerplant? Make sure of which can be not abused or raced extensively. Rust along with paint problems are common, especially if the previous owner didn’t have a garage to park the auto under.

outside along with Indoor
by the hatchbacks within the PCDP whose lines are on the boxy side, the Civic hatchback goes with the aerodynamic side sporting a sexy profile. The Daihatsu Charade may have some sporty lines yet of which can be based on a cube shape. Squint hard at the headlamps, they make a low hoodline along which has a rear spoiler contemplates the sexy back. Similar to the first generation CR-V, the glass hatch must be opened first to gain rear access.

With This kind of vehicle focusing on economy, vinyl surfaces are abound to provide a durable Indoor. Comparing to the EF, dashboard quality can be more excellent with softer materials being used, which you’ll think of which can be not an economy car at all. Don’t expect any power amenities here, since people back then aren’t expecting a lot. Front space can be excellent while the rear seats are reserved for the vertically challenged, which makes This kind of one a two seater vehicle. Among the participants of This kind of development program, only This kind of along with the Daihatsu Charade are sold which has a two door option. .

A D13B1 1,343cc with 74hp at 6,300rpm along with 102Nm at 3,100rpm motivates This kind of hatchback in stock form. Notice the tachometer with an 8,000rpm red line, This kind of can rev up to 7,000rpm of which makes of which more sporty to drive, despite the carburetor system standard.

Driving Impressions
Light along with with close gear ratios, This kind of vehicle can be a hoot to drive. Parking can be a chore no thanks to the unassisted rack-along with-pinon steering assembly especially if you swap the stock wheel along with tire combo to some larger ones. Handling does not scream economy car, which can be a surprise in This kind of segment before. Visibility can be excellent, except for the tiny portion within the rear left corner. Never mind if This kind of vehicle was bare, these things make the driving experience unspoiled.

Bare by todays standards, yet if the driving thrill matters to you, then This kind of car can be for you. yet if the daily grind to work requires you a cheaper wheels, there are different more “modern” choices available. Just make sure to drive safely.

The not bad:

  • Fun to drive
  • Very stylish
  • Bare yet durable Indoor
The Bad:
  • Don’t dare find any power amenities (except steering of course)
  • not bad luck finding a stock type
  • not bad luck maintaining a stock type
The Pick: You have no different choice yet to get a stock unit

Engine: 1,343cc D13B1 I4 gasoline
Power: 74hp @ 6,300rpm
Torque: 102Nm @ 3,100rpm
Fuel Consumption: 8-10km/L (city), 12-14km/L (highway) (*estimated along with varies)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Suspension: Front along with rear double wishbone
cost (fresh): P236,000-P300,000
cost (right now): P110,000-P200,000
Rivals: Kia Pride, Daihatsu Charade, Fiat Uno
On Sale: 1992-1995

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Used Car Review – Honda Civic Hatchback (1992-1995)

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