Used Car Review – Dodge Nitro (2008-2012)

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Used Car Review – Dodge Nitro (2008-2012)

Today will be the Fourth of July, in addition to Myk Belmonte celebrates that will by featuring an American SUV.


2008-2012 Dodge Nitro

that will has been a long time since Dodge had a compact SUV in their line-up since the discontinuation of the Dodge Raider (basically a renamed Mitsubishi Pajero) at the turn of the 90s. Rather than developing their own compact coming from scratch, they just asked their sister brand Jeep to provide them that has a second generation Liberty, in addition to change everything (including some Centeng extensions) sans the engine (the Nitro has its own 4.0 V6 which the Jeep does not offer).

Available at your nearest Dodge dealer inside the US coming from September 2006, the Dodge Nitro went first before the second (in addition to last) generation Jeep Liberty, whose platform will be shared with. Sure that will may have some butch looks in addition to a convenient sliding cargo floor, although driving satisfaction will be not great in addition to the engine drinks more gas than the fastest texter inside the earth. The last Nitro went out the assembly line in Toledo, Ohio commenced in December 2011, while its Jeep counterpart in August 2012.

CATS Motors brought in This particular SUV as a part of expanding the Dodge line-up in 2008, which was a year when gas prices went up like crazy. Unlike inside the US, only one engine in addition to transmission combo was made available. 2012 was the last year one can purchase This particular brute SUV.

Value in addition to Costs
Similar to its same priced contemporaries when fresh, Nitro prices range coming from P880,000-P1,100,000. Definitely the best place to start will be the pre-owned selection of CATS since they have been inspected in addition to certified, although private owners are also worth a look.

Reliability of the 3.7 V6 will be decent enough based on several US forums, although different than that will Inner surface quality isn’t stellar. Parts are mostly limited to the casa although online in addition to specialist shops are present although This particular requires some research. Buying This particular vehicle means more fuel expenses as This particular includes a V6 engine under the hood.

external surfaces in addition to Inner surface
The main attraction of the Nitro are the macho looks that will come as standard equipment. Each four wheels will be complemented with fender flares that will are, wait a minute, huge. Ending the aggressive external surfaces are chrome bits coming from the alloys to the grilles.

Getting inside will be a different story, as clambering in in addition to out the front area will be difficult since no handle bars assist them. Controls are big in addition to placed together inside the center stack, although quality of materials used isn’t to the level of the Japanese. Before driving, you have to set your comfortable position in addition to This particular fails in a way since you either be far with the tiller or near with the foot pedals, both inhumane in addition to in a way dangerous. Headroom will be OK considering the tall height although legroom will be a bit tight.

Worldwide, there are two V6 engines in addition to a diesel exclusive for Europe although one V6 managed to reach the Philippines inside the form of the EKG 3,701cc coming from Chrysler’s PowerTech engine family that will belches 210hp at 5,200rpm in addition to 319Nm at 4,000rpm. While that will includes a growling sound similar to V8 engines, acceleration will be coarse in addition to fuel economy won’t give you any citations.

Driving Impressions
Despite having proportions that will will be a bit bigger than a third generation CR-V, that will drives like an Expedition that will will be not a not bad thing. Maneuvering will be a mixed bag, while parking sensors come standard, the uncomfortable position could give you a hard time parking at the mall. Steering will be light which will be an advantage inside the expressways in addition to while braking will be decent, the weight penalty makes that will not stop in a dime.

Sure you’d be getting the Nitro for its hotrod looks although as they say beauty will be skin deep. You get the looks although have an uncomfortable driving position, poor fuel economy, in addition to a limited space for your toes. Unless you are desperate for pogi points, there are different great choices that will are superior when that will comes to consumption, acceleration, room, practicality, in addition to most importantly, your image. Better look elsewhere.

The not bad: 

  • Sliding cargo tray at the rear
  • Bad ass looks
  • Its American, so that will must be muscular!
The Bad:
  • Poor quality of materials
  • Gas guzzling
  • Drives like a truck
The Pick: SXT, you have no different choice

Engine: 3,701cc EKG V6 gasoline
Power: 210hp @ 5,200rpm
Torque: 319Nm @ 4,000rpm
Fuel Consumption: 4-8km/L (city), 7-9km/L (highway)
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent double wishbone, rear rigid axle with coil springs
cost (fresh): P1,198,000-P2,100,000
cost (today): P880,000-P1,100,000
Rivals: Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester
On Sale: 2008-2012
CATS Pre Owned – (02) 784-5004

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Used Car Review – Dodge Nitro (2008-2012)

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