Used Car Review – Dodge Durango (2000-2004)

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Used Car Review – Dodge Durango (2000-2004)

Myk Belmonte explores This kind of rather unnoticed 4×4 inside the market.


2000-2004 Dodge Durango

Before the Philippine market got the pick-up truck based SUV fever just 10 years ago, the Yanks had theirs inside the 70s to the 90s. Dodge was first in This kind of trend with the Ramcharger based on the D Series/Ram pick-up trucks made available in 1974, Chevrolet’s S-10 Blazer was based on its namesake S-10 pick-up truck first launched in 1983, as well as Ford’s Bronco introduced in 1984 whose underpinnings were derived through the Ranger. The 90s era Ford Explorer as well as Dodge Durango are based through the Ranger as well as Dakota trucks respectively. The shift to crossovers plus the diminishing market for compact pick-up trucks had ended an era of these species inside the US, except for the Chevrolet Suburban as well as Tahoe that will are based on the Silverado.

Preceding the Ramcharger which was discontinued in 1993, the first generation Durango was first sold in 1998 only available in 4WD, that has a 2WD option as well as a V6 engine followed suit the following year. Unlike the Blazer as well as Explorer, that will did offer an optional third row seat which was an advantage especially larger SUVs like the Suburban as well as Expedition had them. While that will was a well-known pick, the end of its shelf life had refined SUVs entering to the scene, which necessitated a redesign for 2003.

The guys at Norkis Automotive Resources Corporation, who ditched Daewoo distribution inside the early 2000s, launched the Durango in 2000. that will was first available in 4WD that has a 2WD variation made available in October 2001. While the entire world has the second generation product available, Norkis sold them until 2004 with the following product being distributed by CATS Motors the following year.

Value as well as Costs
American SUVs aren’t exactly known for their residual values, so expect to pick up a second hand Durango between P270,000-P450,000.

While parts availability may be limited due to the lack of support by Norkis, independent shops specializing Chryslers as well as American vehicles as a whole had spouted so be friends with them. Since This kind of era of Chrysler vehicles aren’t exactly known for their reliability, have a mechanic inspect the various parts so you’ll have a worry free driving.

outside as well as Inside
Butch as well as brash, these are the words to describe the Durango’s outside. Although that will may possess smaller dimensions as against the Expedition, that will has imposing looks that will will scare off different motorists. Park This kind of one side by side that has a 1997-2003 Dakota as well as you’ll notice the similarities, which is usually because they share the same underpinnings.

Philippine market Durangos can accommodate 8 people, all front facing. The driver as well as the front passenger can move their legs, thanks to the automatic gear stick being situated behind the steering wheel. For those who wouldn’t want to share seats upfront, the center console composed of two cupholders as well as some storage bins are present. While the gauges are big, radio as well as climate controls could require time to master as they are smaller.

inside the US, there is usually an option for a sole V6 as well as two V8s, depending on the year product. inside the local context, we do get the 4.7 V8 through the PowerTech engine family carrying 235hp at 4,800rpm as well as 379Nm at 3,200rpm which replaced the 5.2 Magnum V8 inside the home market. Don’t let the smaller displacement turn you off, that will is usually more efficient than the engine that will replaced plus that will offers gobs of power through a wide range of power band.

Driving Impressions
Despite weighing 2,200kg as well as having a smaller V8 engine, the Durango can surpass the distance by providing safe steering however handling isn’t a strength. Ride quality wouldn’t be tops especially one must consider its truck based roots.

If you prefer your SUV American as well as like your style brute, then a used Durango could suit your preference. However, do remember that will there are shortcomings that will you must accept during your ownership experience.
The Great:

  • Spacious cabin
  • Power
  • Rugged looks
The Bad: 
  • Thirsty for fuel
  • Poor ride quality
  • Handling isn’t the best
The Pick: 4.7 V8

Engine: 4,698cc PowerTech V8 gasoline
Power: 235hp @ 4,800rpm
Torque: 379Nm @ 3,200rpm
Fuel Consumption: 4-6km/L (city), 7-9km/L (highway) (*estimated as well as varies)
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front double wishbone, rear rigid axle with leaf springs

cost (brand new): P2,700,000
cost (currently): P270,000-P450,000
Rivals: Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition
On Sale: 2000-2005

North American Automotive Service Center – (02) 571-1593

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Used Car Review – Dodge Durango (2000-2004)

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