Used Car Review – Chrysler Town as well as Country (2008-2017)

Used Car Review – Chrysler Town as well as Country (2008-2017)

One of the remaining American minivans graces This particular page for today.


2008-2017 Chrysler Town as well as Country


American car manufacturers had long been abandoning minivans for personal usage ten years ago or so, with General Motors as well as Ford Motor Company leaving the minivan market citing poor sales, with Chrysler/Dodge the remaining American brand to compete in a shrinking market today being relegated to a Japanese as well as a lone Korean brand. Times weren’t friendly to the soccer mom since crossovers as well as SUVs today dominate the sales charts.

Introduced in August 2007 as a 2008 type, the Chrysler Town as well as Country/Dodge Grand Caravan twins as well as the similar European Chrysler Voyager reached its fifth generation life span. the idea also gave birth to a North American exclusive Volkswagen Routan which wasn’t a sales success. Numerous improvements via its previous generation type occurred to This particular Canadian made minivan with an extensive one for the 2011 type year. Although the Caravan still lives on as a cheaper alternative, the Town as well as Country was replaced by the Pacifica (not related to a crossover sold inside mid-00s).

Apart via the Ford E-150, the Chrysler Town as well as Country were one of the remaining American minivans sold inside Philippine market during the late-00s, with the Chevrolet Venture – a Chinese branded Buick minivan – being removed. Two versions were first launched having a sole diesel added in 2010 as well as in 2013, the idea was reduced to one particular variant. the idea was silently discontinued with the pending introduction of the Pacifica later This particular year.

Value as well as Costs
American vehicles are notorious for their low resale prices which makes them a bargain for second hand buyers if you know how to look. Second hand Chrysler Town as well as Country minivans of This particular generation can cost between P600,000 to a million pesos in varying years. Before going due to This particular van, you may want to reconsider additional superior rivals which cost more as well as importantly, more reliable as we will explain further.

This particular van, alongside its siblings, aren’t the most reliable minivans inside market especially inside US alone. Since This particular is usually a high end minivan, power options come standard as well as these must be checked if these still work. additional areas of concern include the transmission system, air-conditioning, as well as the Internal plastics. Parts can be sourced via American car specialists, in which you must befriend them if you decide to own This particular one. Fuel consumption isn’t a strength (except for the diesel), so if you are complaining of gas prices look elsewhere.

external surfaces as well as Internal
Minivan qualities like a tall profile as well as dual sliding doors come standard, in which This particular vehicle is usually known for. Not much to be said on the outside, as the magic of This particular vehicle lies inside however Limited versions of 2008 to 2012 differentiate themselves having a sun roof.

Since This particular van is usually aimed towards the upper scale of the market, the idea seats seven people just like several rivals (with the exemption of the USDM Honda Odyssey of the early 2010s) as well as comes with the famed Stow as well as Go however for the Limited, the idea gets a Swivel as well as Go seating configuration that will gives you swiveling rear seats as well as an optional table. Since This particular van is usually fully loaded, depending on the year as well as variant, the idea comes with the following items: MyGig Hard drive with either 20GB or 40GB worth of storage, navigation system, power tailgate, power sliding doors, power pedals, cruise control, airbags on all sides, parking sensors, back-up camera, as well as a requisite among family oriented vehicles, a DVD player. Since This particular is usually a minivan, expect a roomy cabin for all types of people. Updated versions gain a revised Internal which bade farewell to cheap plastic materials.

There are two gasoline engines as well as a sole diesel burner which was offered. Let us first discuss the former as you’ll be encountering This particular more often; 2008 to 2012 versions utilize a 3.8 V6 with 193hp at 5,000rpm as well as 314Nm at 4,000rpm with 2013 to 2017 using a 3.6 V6 having 279hp at 6,600rpm as well as 344Nm at 4,400rpm. A rare (however our choice due to This particular vehicle) diesel is usually offered inside form of a 2.8 4-cylinder with 163hp at 3,800rpm as well as 359Nm at 1,600rpm to play with. Both petrol engines are fast movers in both acceleration as well as fuel consumption while the diesel is usually the thriftier option.

Driving Impressions
The words sporty handling as well as minivan aren’t mentioned in one paragraph, let alone a sentence, as well as This particular isn’t applicable with the Town as well as Country especially that will comfort rules here. Despite the abundance of power, we advise you to drive prudently especially with the vehicle being full.

Although an innovator, the Town as well as Country became outclassed by superior rivals via Japan throughout the years. Sure, its Internal is usually very flexible as well as there’s a diesel however its isn’t that will reliable, so check first before committing.

The Great:

  • Innovative Internal flexibility
  • Versatility
  • Available diesel engine
The Bad:
  • Not fuel friendly gasoline engines
  • Feels older than rivals
  • Not known for quality
The Pick: Touring CRDI

Engine: 3,778cc V6 (2008-2012), 3,600cc V6 (2013-2017) gasoline  as well as 2,776 I4 diesel
Power: 193hp @ 5,000rpm (3.8), 279hp @ 6,600rpm (3.6), 163hp @ 3,800rpm (diesel)
Torque: 314Nm @ 4,000rpm (3.8), 344Nm @ 4,400rpm (3.6), 359Nm @ 1,600rpm (diesel)
Fuel Consumption: 5-10km/L (city), 7-13km/L (highway) (*estimated as well as varies)
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Suspension: Front double wishbone, rear rigid axle with torsion beam

cost (brand new): P2,0,000-P3,000,000
cost (today): P600,000-P1,000,000
On Sale: 2012-2017
Rivals: Honda Odyssey, Toyota Alphard

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Used Car Review – Chrysler Town as well as Country (2008-2017)

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