Used Car Review – Chevrolet Optra Sedan (2004-2009)

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Used Car Review – Chevrolet Optra Sedan (2004-2009)

Another choice out there students, Myk Belmonte is usually giving out a second choice for your sedan shopping list.


2004-2009 Chevrolet Optra

Nearly a year ago, I was able to feature the wagon type of the Optra nevertheless having a request coming via Facebook, let’s evaluate the sedan type of the Optra which might be an attractive proposition for students due to the cheap acquisition cost.

Fact, the Chevrolet Optra (or known as the Daewoo Lacetti) is usually a Korean car with an American name. Similar to a Korean who acquired American residency, which is usually not brand new within the automobile industry by the practice of selling cars in multiple names. Since everything applied in which paragraph had been written within the wagon review, lets proceed.

With General Motors Automobiles Philippines expanding the Chevrolet line-up, the Optra was added in late 2003. which directly replaced the forgettable Cassia (itself a sedan type of the Suzuki Esteem) discontinued a few months back. While which sold well within the beginning, various quality problems as well as brand new yet equally superior competitors took a toll to the Optra’s sales. Even with discounts in addition to promos, which didn’t sway people to the automobile. 2010 saw the Cruze replacing which vehicle in addition to were not even wiping either. Available trim levels include the base L, LS, LT (only with the 1.8), in addition to the sports kit clad SS.

Value in addition to Costs
Students on a budget can get a Chevrolet Optra between P200,000-P300,000, which is usually somewhat a newer product compared to the Civic I had featured days ago. However, various other well-known rivals (read: Japanese in addition to Ford) of the same time are similarly priced in which be careful on deciding before going with the Optra.

The current Chevrolet distributor does a Great job on stocking basic parts, nevertheless various other components entail a waiting time. Common problems include the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which was to believed the cause of the lower than expected fuel efficiency in addition to must be reprogrammed in addition to some mechanical in addition to electrical parts.

outdoor in addition to Indoor
With some designing help via Pininfarina, the Optra possess some clean styling which you’ll say which is usually more European than Korean. In fact which is usually shorter than some direct rivals via Japan, maintaining a distinct styling. Facelifts had been done in 2006 (which makes do with an individual piece grille) in addition to 2008 (which one has chrome tacked on which).

The buyer is usually the winner within the Optra, as which includes a bucket load of amenities which come in its low cost. Controls are placed where the driver can reach which in addition to tons of storage bins come standard. Since Indoor space is usually a big deal for the student who is usually the barkada’s transportation provider, four can fit comfortably while several is usually a squeeze in addition to the bags can be placed within the capacious trunk.

Among the two engines made locally available, the E-TEC II 1,598cc is usually the most well-known with 110hp at 5,800rpm in addition to 150Nm at 4,000rpm. Briefly sold, there is usually a E-DTEC II 1,799cc which has 115hp at 5,800rpm in addition to 156Nm at 3,500rpm. Between the two, go for the 1.6 since you’ll encounter which one more in addition to which one provides decent acceleration. which is usually noisy at start nevertheless which will pacify itself when put in motion in addition to driven under 3,000rpm. The 1.8 has more power nevertheless the slight difference makes the 1.6 a convincing buy.

Driving Impressions
Being behind the wheel is usually a mixed bag. which wants to be driven within the highway smoothly nevertheless high speed turns (which is usually dangerous, by the way) isn’t the Optra’s habitat. Getting the manual might result to a easy to modulate clutch nevertheless a notchy gear stick, the automatic is usually smooth in addition to responsive. Steering in addition to handling is usually balanced although which lacks some feedback.

Bargains are hard to ignore for students, nevertheless lower prices does not equate to the word sulit. The Chevrolet Optra includes a low cost, nevertheless is usually which sulit? Well, as a daily car you might just like which nevertheless you’ll be longing for a well-known brand.

The Great: 

  • Cheap
  • Feature loaded
  • Decent styling
The Bad:
  • Gulps gas than the competition
  • Problematic
  • Nothing spectacular
The Pick: 1.6 LS

Engines: 1,598cc E-TEC II I4 in addition to 1,799 E-DTEC  I4 gasoline
Power: 110hp @ 5,800rpm (1.6), 115hp @ 5,800rpm (1.8)
Torque: 150Nm @ 4,000rpm (1.6), 156Nm @ 3,500rpm (1.8)
Fuel Consumption: 6-9km/L (city), 8-11km/L (highway) (*estimated in addition to varies)
Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent multi-link strut
cost (brand new): P585,000-P899,000
cost (currently): P200,000-P300,000
Rivals: Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sentra, Ford Lynx, Ford Focus
On Sale: Late 2003-2009
Chevrolet Pasig – (02) 672-1485
Chevrolet Quezon Avenue – (02) 374-1250
Chevrolet Makati – (02) 867-8183

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Used Car Review – Chevrolet Optra Sedan (2004-2009)

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