Used Car Review – Audi Q5 (2009-2017)

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Used Car Review – Audi Q5 (2009-2017)

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This particular European gem can be had right now at a lower cost entry.

2009-2017 Audi Q5

Luxury brands might usually have SUV’s which fills the following sizes: very little, little, medium, large, along with also also novelty size (usually the very little size). Why fill up every niche where they end up cannibalizing sales along with also also a waste of research along with also also development money? yet then, why might I mess with their way especially This particular is usually their affair along with also also not mine.

Presented first at the Beijing Auto Show back in 2008, the Audi Q5 was built through Volkswagen’s MLB platform. The advantage of This particular platform was which This particular saves on production costs along with also also the flexibility of assembling products in one factory. This particular was the second member of the Q family with the Q7 being the senior along with also also the Q3 the youngest.

January 2009 saw the local introduction of the Q5. Great timing, since This particular was the global financial crisis which crippled the planet along with also also the Philippines was not which much affected. Initially available which has a gasoline motivator, a diesel was added four years later.

Value along with also also Costs
With the launch of the second generation, expect prices to dip down with the cheapest units being priced at P1,500,000. Best head to the pre-owned section since these vehicles are certified along with also also inspected. This particular pays to have a peace of mind nowadays, you know.

Buying This particular vehicle might not give you maintenance costs similar to a high spec Hyundai Tucson. Rather, This particular is usually competitive enough with additional European brands. This particular might be better to change all four tires together since This particular is usually an all wheel drive vehicle, along with also also hunt for a diesel style for lower costs. Just like any high end European vehicle, inspecting the electronic gadgets is usually a must.

outside along with also also Internal
Just think of This particular as a shrunken Q7, the Q5 can be handsome or generic looking if you’re to ask. LED lamps are standard in both front along with also also back while the front grille is usually distinctively Audi.

Cabin room inside rear isn’t which cavernous like additional rivals, along with also also the same goes with the cargo compartment. High quality controls abound the cabin along with also also they are faced towards the driver. The buttons take time to get used to since they are tiny along with also also the hazard button is usually situated at the right of the touch screen. For Premium variants, a moon roof comes standard for those airy nights.

Both gasoline along with also also diesel engines are offered; yet the former is usually the most common one inside name of the TFSI Quattro turbo 1,984cc with 208hp at 4,300rpm (upgraded to 222hp at 4,500rpm in 2013) along with also also 350Nm at 1,500rpm. Only made available in 2013 is usually the TDi which has 175hp at 4,200rpm along with also also 380Nm at 1,750rpm. So, how do these engines perform? The gasoline, thanks to the standard turbo, is usually ferociously fast yet control the pedal to get decent figures.

Driving Impressions
This particular may have quick engines which is usually complemented with sharp steering along with also also fun handling. Thanks to the A4 underpinnings, driving This particular compact SUV is usually never a dull moment. Paired with either the gasoline or diesel engine, This particular is usually one energetic vehicle. Ride is usually supple when the standard tire size is usually used, large sizes can contribute to a firm ride.

Who says which SUV’s need not be sporty? If you’re inside market for a premium compact which is usually fun to drive along with also also with punchy engines, the Q5 is usually the one for you. Besides, This particular one can balance both driver’s along with also also passenger’s needs.

The not bad:
  • Quality is usually tops
  • A hoot to drive
  • Powerful engines
The Bad:

  • Less rear space
  • Rear visibility
  • Expensive
The Pick: 2.0 TDI

Engines: 1,984cc TFSI quattro turbo I4 gasoline along with also also 1,968 TDi quattro I4 diesel
Power: 208hp @ 4,300rpm (2.0 gasoline, 2009-2012), 222hp @ 4,500rpm (2.0 gasoline, 2013-2017), 175hp @ 4,200rpm (2.0 diesel)
Torque: 350Nm @ 1,500rpm (2.0 gasoline, 2009-current), 380Nm @ 1,750rpm (2.0 diesel, 2013-2017)
Fuel Consumption: 5-8km/L (city), 7-9km/L (highway) (*estimated along with also also varies)
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Suspension: Front 5-link, rear trapezoidal link

cost (completely new): P3,500,000-P4,500,000
cost (right now): P1,500,000-P2,000,000
Rivals: BMW X3, Mercedes Benz GLK Class, Land Rover Freelander, Volvo XC60
On Sale: 2009-2017

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Used Car Review – Audi Q5 (2009-2017)

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