Upgraded Renault Zoe gets 250-mile range

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Source : Upgraded Renault Zoe gets 250-mile range

Renault Zoe fresh Renault Zoe Q90 can travel up to 250 miles between charges, in addition to also will go on sale inside UK This specific November


A fresh design of the Renault Zoe will go on sale inside UK in November, offering a denser battery in addition to also what is usually claimed to be the greatest range of any mainstream electric vehicle. your vehicle is usually on display at the Paris motor show.

The fresh Zoe Q90 is usually capable of travelling up to 250 miles between charges – beating the range of rivals like the Nissan Leaf in addition to also BMW i3 by a significant margin. that will range is usually supposed to be 186 miles under real-world driving conditions – a boost over today’s Zoe, which can manage 106 miles in normal driving.

Impressively, the upgraded Zoe’s range is usually currently only 17 miles short of the entry-level Tesla design S, which can travel up to 267 miles between charges in P60 form.

Renault’s fresh battery has almost double the storage capacity of the current Zoe, at 41kWh, although the item is usually no larger or heavier. The battery has been developed in partnership with LG Chem, in addition to also uses high-density lithium-ion cells. Its storage capacity has been optimised by increasing the energy density of individual cells, rather than adding more battery modules.

Thanks to its fresh battery, Renault says the Zoe Q90 effectively ends so-called range anxiety – still the single biggest barrier to electric vehicle ownership.

The French maker says that will charging times for the Zoe Q90 are comparable with today’s car, in addition to also that will 30 minutes of charging using a standard charging socket can grant one more 50 miles of range.

Renault is usually also launching two fresh technologies to help drivers. ZE Trip integrates with the Zoe’s satellite navigation software to show charging points near to your vehicle, in addition to also their availability, while ZE Pass allows drivers to access paid charging points regardless of the operator. There are currently around 80,000 charging stations across Europe. Renault’s smartphone app can currently download a navigation route to your vehicle, as well as showing the Zoe’s charging status.

Renault won’t reveal pricing for the Zoe Q90 until closer to its November on-sale date, although we expect the item to command a significant premium over the regular standard R90 Zoe with its 22kWh battery, which is usually currently priced by £18,945. that will cost also includes the government’s £4500 grant for electric vehicles.

Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said: “We are continuing to push in areas where innovation matters most for Renault customers. generating the item easy for them to choose electric, with fresh connected services to enhance their driving experience, is usually a top priority for us in addition to also for Zoe customers.”

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Source: Upgraded Renault Zoe gets 250-mile range

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