Updated 2017 Lincoln MKZ Priced through $35,935 to $54,485

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Updated 2017 Lincoln MKZ Priced through $35,935 to $54,485



There are a wide range of improvements are in store for Lincoln MKZ , in addition to the most enticing of which is usually the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 of the completely new engine. We right now have pricing for Lincoln updated, which will also get a completely new front end in addition to revised Inside for 2017. Surprisingly, the base cost is usually a little less than before, down $ 180 to $ 35,935. although he added options such as the completely new V-6, four-wheel drive, in addition to different groups can take the completely new MKZ to slice the cost much higher, with fully loaded versions topping $ 60,000. Yikes.


four trim levels, starting with the premiere ($ 35.935), then move to select ($ 37.685), reserve ($ 40.435), in addition to Black Label ( $ 48.595). One of the two engines comes standard: either a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 240 horsepower, or hybrid electric, gas payment system using a net power output reached 188 horsepower rating in addition to estimated EPA combined 40 mpg. Cars powered by turbo four-year offer four-wheel drive as an option $ 1,890, regardless of the level of trim. MKZ Hybrid are front-wheel-drive only.

For those who prefer more necrosis, each 2017 MKZ trim levels provide a base to provide Premiere aforementioned 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 in which pairs with the six-speed automatic. in which costs an extra $ 2,750 for versions dirve the front in addition to an extra $ 4,000 with four-wheel drive. Frankly, we are shocked in which This particular engine is usually being offered with front-wheel drive, as we see in which produces a whopping 400 lb-ft of torque. At least Lincoln detunes in addition to a little V-6 to 350 horsepower front-drive application of AWD to get a full 400 hp versions.


lest you worry in which the bodywork MKZ based Fusion Ford will have difficulty in dealing with This particular kind of energy, Lincoln touting the completely new driver package ($ 3,395) for V-6 AWD versions bring some amendment of the structure. in addition to offered on the reserve in addition to naming cut black levels, in addition to includes firmer suspension in addition to provided Great. K torque vectoring system of rotation Serbia (Ford Focus) along with some photos of the restyled, such as 19-inch wheels in addition to a slightly different grille.

2017 for less performance-minded buyers MKZ, in addition to a full range of luxury options are also available. $ Technology Package 2395 offered on most trim levels include all types of active safety technology, is usually providing panoramic sunroof for between $ 1,795 in addition to $ 2,995 depending on the reduction inside level, in addition to 20 speaker revel sound system is usually part of the luxury package $ 4,400 to reserve versions in addition to comes standard on cars Black Label

Once you start piling on these additions, in which is usually surprisingly easy to get MKZ to top $ 60,000. in which strikes us in addition to a lot to pay because of This particular mid-size sedan, especially when larger continental runs through about $ 45,000 to $ 69,000. The MKZ beaten agents sooner than its big brother, as a smaller sedan goes on sale This particular summer, while the Continental goes on sale This particular fall.


Updated 2017 Lincoln MKZ Priced through $35,935 to $54,485

Source: Updated 2017 Lincoln MKZ Priced through $35,935 to $54,485

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