Updated: 2017 Honda Civic spotted testing within the UK

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Source : Updated: 2017 Honda Civic spotted testing within the UK

Honda Civic three readers Autocar Honda Civic spot test on the roads within the UK, with design closely follows the concept of civil revealed at the Geneva Motor show


the 2017 Honda Civic has been spotted testing in Cumbria by two readers Autocar.

reader Autocar was able to drive can be described in detail Adrian Jackson, special attention to the rear headlights can be LED, which does not seem to extend to the back door like those civil concept, high internal in addition to large exhausts central twin-quality leather.

The description of Mr. Jackson by the reader Autocar else – Stephen Biggs, whose civil discovered in addition to managed to capture This kind of on camera

The test mule spotted by Mr. Jackson’s 5-door, left the direct-drive example with the driver in addition to passenger, in addition to wore camouflage with. Additional roof antenna, in addition to This kind of was three rear head restraints, which refers to the full 5-seater format.

spotted on the A684, in addition to continued for the A172, heading east through Cumbria, before heading to the Moors North Yorkshire

Another reader, John F. Kennedy, spied at a later second test car as the streets of south-west London.

was planned 10TH-generation Honda Civic hatchback in Geneva Motor Show with the concept of the automobile close to the production.

brand new Civic hatchback previewed by the concept of Geneva will be closely linked to the generation 10TH coupe in addition to sedan, which was launched in various other markets. This kind of will have a range of diesel engines in addition to will be one of the largest car in its class.

Honda says This kind of can be 30mm in addition to wider, 20mm lower in addition to 130 MM longer than the current car, producing This kind of 140MM longer than Ford Focus in addition to 245 MM longer than VW Golf . Should these dimensions leads to a much more spacious cabin.

being concept shows without Internal, nevertheless This kind of can be understood that will a similar design to that will of the sedan in addition to coupe, which features a sensitive central screen to touch screen incorporating TFT display tool. Do not expect to copy the basic production for the exchange of alloy concept’s 19-inch brake calipers or wide, nevertheless details such as aerodynamic elements of the rear wing twin (one high in addition to one low) can be likely to make production.

Civic will be launched with three engines, including gasoline two brand new units, which includes the 1.0-liter three-cylinder engines in addition to 1.5-liter four-cylinder. Both VTECs Turbo. This kind of can be not released coming from power in addition to economy figures, nevertheless the 1.5-liter produces 174bhp quoted in US spec Civic saloon This kind of can be understood that will 1.0-liter will be at least as powerful 100bhp 1.6 liter engine within the current base Civic.

smaller gasoline engine must emit less than 100G / km of CO2. Continue 1.6-liter I-DTEC engine within the brand new car, nevertheless with more power in addition to produce less than 120bhp current car in addition to 94 G / km CO2. A six-speed manual gearbox to be standard, with an automatic CVT as an option.

in addition to Type R will be used to develop the current type 300bhp 2.0-liter turbo engine.

will be the production of all Civics 5-door Honda factory in Swindon, with sales starting within the first quarter of next year. There can be no official line on pricing, nevertheless This kind of can be £ 17 000 starting cost can be likely.

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Source: Updated: 2017 Honda Civic spotted testing within the UK

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