UK road traffic at an all time high

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Source : UK road traffic at an all time high

high all the time Traffic Britain British drivers 25.5mph average during the past 12 months, in addition to also sat in traffic for 45 seconds March per mile driven. Trends suggest things will not get better …


The average speed on the roads in addition to also the United Kingdom within the past 12 months 25.5mph, put within the context of the level of congestion across the country.

drivers within the United Kingdom in addition to also sat in traffic for an average of 45sec per mile they drove in March, according to the latest figures via the Ministry of Transport (circuits) processing. in which increase 24sec 1min per mile when driving on the A- roads in urban areas.

The latest statistics for the rolling 12 months show in which travel during weekday evenings the greatest impact on the average speed on the roads A-, in addition to also push down to a crawl 22.5mph for the home traveled. Show urban road on average lower, at 18.7mph, while the rural roads have a higher rate of speed, in 36.9mph.

average speed in all parts of the strategic road network of England reduced the 60.6mph April 2015 59.5 mph for in March of in which year.

Preliminary estimates DFT show car traffic within the United Kingdom increased by 1.8% to 318.5 billion miles traveled between April 2015 in addition to also March 2016.

cut distances in addition to also only get worse

government has allocated £ 15bn of investment strategy for the road have put 100 projects to improve roads throughout in which parliament in addition to also the next.

in addition to also will add a total of more than 1,300 lane miles through brand-new schemes, which will address the traffic black spots such as the A303 at Stonehenge in Wiltshire in addition to also the remaining one-lane sections of the A1.

A spokesman for the AA: “The statistics are going within the wrong direction in addition to also movement time is actually only going to get worse, especially if you are using A- urban road speed dial for your trip

” Unfortunately in addition to also 15 £ bn will not help A- improvement of urban roads because most will be spent on major projects. in which leaves local authorities to improve in which Trq- A, in addition to also in which does not hold the funds to do so. “in which was

Provisional estimates of vehicular traffic indicate higher than ever on the highways in addition to also rural roads slightly within the fiscal year ending March 2016.

annual rolling car traffic right now increased each quarter in a row for three years. continued the traffic to rise faster than any different type of vehicle, in addition to also increased by 4.1% to reach its peak of 47.3bn mile car.

increase rapid traffic increased by 3% to reach 67.1bn inclined vehicles in addition to also traffic in addition to also roads in rural areas increased by 3% to 92bn miles, with both the highest level recorded.

the worst areas within the UK for the movement of

hauled south to the highest percentage of traffic, at 43bn vehicle miles – nearly double, the next highest level within the East of England within the 28bn-mile car. formed London 14.2 bn inclined to, with Hillingdon, which include Heathrow, highlighted as part of the busiest within the capital town, recording 1.1bn miles of its own.

Greater Manchester in addition to also Kent account for some of the most heaviest traffic within the United Kingdom, at 8.9bn miles in addition to also miles 7.1 bn respectively.

said processing circuits growth within the volume of traffic likely reflects the growth of the British economy over the past year. He cited the decline in fuel prices as well as a potential increase in traffic.

The retail cost of a style of excellent unleaded within the year ended March 2016 of 13.1 pence per liter cheaper than within the previous year, while the diesel 16.9 pence per liter cheaper

says RAC government needs to play catch

roads RAC spokesman policy Nick Leith said: “Although only on the previous year, very little increased traffic, in which has taken us to record levels.’s long-term is actually more on, with the overall traffic since 1995 grew by 18.6% in stark contrast to the overall length of our roads, which only 2.4% has increased.

“the data show along increased highways by 11.8%, however within the same period traffic levels on highways by 44%, which shows in which the use of a main road than the road space. “

statistics departments also reveal in which the number of cars in Britain. Rose 43% within the past 20 years, via 21M in 1995 to more than 30M in 2015, however at in which time, length of roads within the country has processing only increased by slightly less than 6,000 miles


Laith: “the presence of a road network unfit for the purpose, in terms of being able to handle the increased traffic, as well as being maintained at an acceptable level, is actually vital to a thriving economy.

“There is actually no doubt in which by investing within the government’s strategy recognizes the importance of in which, however these figures show in which there is actually a lot of catching up in which needs to be done.”

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Source: UK road traffic at an all time high

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