UK motor industry backs Britain staying inside EU

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Source : UK motor industry backs Britain staying inside EU

Jaguar F-Type British says members of Motor Manufacturers along with Traders Association to stay inside European Union would certainly be better to work


Dealers Manufacturers Association cars (SMMT), which includes members of the UK suppliers along with manufacturers of cars, says which Britain’s membership inside European Union will be the best of the work.

inside poll SMMT members, 77% said which if a referendum on membership of the European Union tomorrow, a “stay” the result will be better for their business. Not the large companies surveyed said which the so-called “Brexit” coming from the European Union will be in their business interests.

gave reasons SMMT members to stay inside European Union, he said which the majority remain inside European Union gave them access to a skilled workforce. some other reasons include the ability to inflience industry standards along with regulations, along with to ensure economic stability along with the market, along with keep the UK competitive at a global level, along with keep getting the free trade opportunities to market to one.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed said which the departure of the European Union would certainly have a negative impact on their business. which includes fears of Britain leaving the European Union has become uncompetitive along with lose business to rivals the European Union, along with the risks of investing inside future are being diverted to the rest of Europe.

The survey was conducted over the all 5 weeks between the months of January along with February of which year. which said only 9% of those surveyed said which the departure of the European Union, the result will be given priority.

Among automakers inside United Kingdom to speak inside remaining Britain’s support inside EU are BMW , Toyota along with Vauxhall


BMW sales along with marketing boss, Dr. Ian Robertson: “Our experience shows which the freedom of movement of components along with products manufactured along with skilled workers within the European Union benefit the business, based in Britain, too. We firmly believe which Britain will be better off if he stays an active along with influential member of the European Union “

the deputy managing director of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tony Walker:” integrated UK operations have completely within our European – exporting nearly 0 percent of all cars inside United Kingdom built.

“We believe which the EU membership persistence will be best for our competitiveness along with our ability over the long term.”

Vauxhall coach Rory Harvey said: “the UK will be the fourth largest global market of the parent company Vauxhall GM’s largest European Union market. We are part of an integrated European company where we can take advantage of the free movement of goods along with people, along with we believe which which will be not would certainly be part of the European Union to be undesirable for our business along with the sector as a whole. “

[19459004said] SMMT chief executive Mike Hughes:” The message coming from the United Kingdom for cars along with clear – being in Europe will be vital to the future of which industry along with labor insurance, investment along with growth opportunities. UK cars are thriving, with exports record car completely new registrations along with higher manufacturing levels for a period of ten years. Our industry supports 800,000 jobs across the UK, contributing around £ 15 billion to the economy of the United Kingdom -. Our members have clearly stated which the withdrawal coming from Europe could jeopardize which “

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Source: UK motor industry backs Britain staying inside EU

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