UK insurance industry boss casts doubts over autonomous vehicles

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Source : UK insurance industry boss casts doubts over autonomous vehicles

Volvo XC90 autonomous coach of the insurance trade organization within the United Kingdom, James Dalton, as well as expressed doubts about the automotive autonomy technology conference London today


the leader of the British motor insurance industry, James Dalton, as well as reduced the use of self-driving cars, saying of which “the existence of This specific term does not believe.”

speaking at a conference in London organized by Volvo as well as Thatcham insurance industry research, Dalton, the boss Department of Insurance auto Trade Organization ABI, as well as questioned whether the vision of the automobile driver by 2025 realistic because a lot of problems complex yet to be resolved.

“I do not like the automobile without a driver term I do not think This specific exists, at least within the long-term car going to need a favor, alert the driver sober,” he said

Dalton believed of which the government will find This specific difficult to find a brand new regulatory framework is usually able to completely underestimated the role of the driver

BMW: .. the leadership of autonomy is usually “many, many years away

processing currently circuits consultations with the insurance industry as well as the automobile on how to enter the driver as well as the automobile, with the history of the 2018 group to allow “autopilot control,” This specific will be the driver was able to take his / her hands off the steering wheel For two main minutes only.

experts at the conference suggests 2025 as the year when a car bomb will be able to own a driver coming from door to door, without yet determine whether the driver will be able to stop any form of censorship.

one of the insurance industry attractions of cars Autonomous possible to drastically reduce accidents, predicted by Peter Shaw, CEO of search Thatcham. “Self-driving will be the biggest revolution within the safety car ever. Full stop.” He said he expected of which there will be 80% fewer crashes in 10 years.


own cars can auto-risk drivers put, the insurance industry says

to get This specific far, however, the legal framework as well as the distribution of the blame for the accident will have to be overhauled

“in essence what we have within the current system – of neglect will evolve, how This specific can be assigned the blame will evolve,” said Tim Marlow, president of autonomous vehicles in Ageas

Volvo has already said of which she blame will not accept in an individual incident of self-driving cars within the event of the automobile was at fault, however how This specific will work in practice is usually still unclear.

Eric Coelingh, coach said independent driving section of Volvo cars of which will record multiple channels of data, which can be used for the allocation of blame either the driver or the automobile after an accident.

Volvo for the launch of the largest independent leadership program of the United Kingdom

speaking on the panel at the event, Autocar What car? The news editor Jim Holder for the Director of what car? Scan reader of which showed 69 found % of respondents said of which the idea of ​​a self-driving cars “unattractive”

“They are – 51% – also say they could feel very unsafe behind the wheel in a separate car,” added holder .

Ford, Google as well as Uber forces to push an independent agenda

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Source: UK insurance industry boss casts doubts over autonomous vehicles

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