UK government launches emissions test inquiry

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Source : UK government launches emissions test inquiry

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin calls for Europe-wide checks to ensure emissions ratings are accurate


The UK government is actually launching an inquiry into vehicle emissions along with has called for a European wide investigation into whether car makers have been misleading the public with their emissions claims, the BBC is actually reporting.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told the BBC: “The Vehicle Certification Agency, the UK regulator, is actually working with vehicle manufacturers to ensure in which This specific issue is actually not industry wide.

“As part of This specific work they will re-run laboratory tests where necessary along with compare them against real world driving emissions.

“We have called on the EU to conduct a Europe wide investigation into whether there is actually evidence in which cars here have been fitted with defeat devices.

“My priority is actually to protect the public as we go through the process of investigating what went wrong along with what we can do to stop the item happening again from the future.”

McLoughlin added in which the Vehicle Certification Agency, the UK regulator for emissions testing, will re-run lab tests where they are deemed necessary, comparing the figures achieved to “real-world” driving data.

Earlier This specific week, the Society of Motor Manufacturers along with Traders (SMMT) sort to reassure UK car owners along with issued a statement which said: “The UK automotive industry understands the concerns consumers may have following the actions of one a new in regard to emissions testing along with the subsequent decision to recall a large number of its cars. This specific is actually, however, an issue affecting just one company along with there is actually no evidence to suggest in which any additional company is actually involved, let alone in which This specific is actually an industry-wide issue.

“Consumers should be reassured in which cars sold from the UK must comply with strict European laws. All cars must complete a standard emissions test, which, unlike from the US, is actually independently witnessed by a government-appointed independent agency.”

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Source: UK government launches emissions test inquiry

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