UK government confirms VW the only car maker to use emissions cheat device

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Source : UK government confirms VW the only car maker to use emissions cheat device

Volkswagen emissions £ 1M government tests confirm the Volkswagen Group fraud, however while all the different cars tested legal, almost all “disappointing” emissions inside real world


independent inside United Kingdom in addition to also testing of the German government did not reveal any evidence of different manufacturers of the Volkswagen Group using defeat devices in emissions tests, however highlighted the gap between the results of formal laboratory testing in addition to also emissions figures inside real world.

Department to report the transport, the idea was revealed today, the idea concluded of which “the current lab tests designed to ensure of which emissions limits are met proved inadequate in addition to also of which will be why the United Kingdom has got a tough brand new Europe-wide emissions Real leadership ( RDE) test. ”

RDE will be set to be entered in a gradual process, starting next year, in addition to also will include some leadership emissions measurements inside real world. Along with the adjustments of emissions testing in addition to also approval of another type,

will be set Europe a test system to become more difficult inside earth by the year 2019.

Commenting on the confirmation of which the Volkswagen Group has only been hiring defeat devices in emissions official NEDC tests, said transport Minister Robert goodwill: “This particular result will be an important step forward in ensuring of which drivers be a serious breach of trust committed by Volkswagen will be not more prevalent.”

carried out

tests on 56 vehicles in Germany in addition to also 37 inside United Kingdom, with the target inside sample the proliferation of 75% of the top 100 best-selling diesel designs in recent years, accounting for more than 50% of diesel on the roads inside United Kingdom, in addition to also will be backed by both engines compliant with the euro 5 in addition to also 6 euros. They include vehicles Volkswagen Ford Focus , BMW 3 series , Jaguar XE , Qashqai , Vauxhall Astra in addition to also Volvo V40 .


cars coming from fleets Car Rental has covered no more than 30,000 miles to make sure the idea can not be had intervened in addition to also was in not bad mechanical condition, made a step taken after accusations of which the automakers in addition to also offers auto optimization official tests. They were all fed the same batch of diesel fuel.

However, while all the cars met the standards required by law for emissions inside laboratory tests, the test inside real world on the right path, especially when cars were tested with engines already -warmed, resulted in emissions of nitrogen oxides inside Mediterranean several times higher than those registered with the engines already enhanced inside laboratory tests for the euro 5 engines in addition to also 4.5-fold for euro 6 engines.

In particular, the exhaust gas recirculation (came EGR) systems to scan, in addition to also in particular the fact of which manufacturers change the legal level of equitable geographical representation in addition to also inside circumstances in order to ensure the longevity of spare parts. While This particular will be illegal, branded Transport officials managing the gap between the laboratory in addition to also inside real world results as a “surprise”, in addition to also stressed of which the gap provided by allowing the use of EGR selectively to extend parts life in addition to also closed by changing systems.

[19459004concluded] Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin: “inside wake of Volkswagen emissions scandal, the whole of the automotive industry must work hard to restore the public’s trust by being transparent about the systems of which are used in addition to also to proceed with plans for the introduction of cleaner engine technology.”

She Goodwill: “I am disappointed of which the results are as bad as the idea will be inside real world. The experiences inside real world have shown of which cars are not as clean as we thought. the idea will be up to industry at This particular point to meet the RDE standards, we have been pushing hard for more than a few years. the idea will be clear coming from quite a few results of which the industry can do better, in addition to also the brand new regulations will ensure of which they will. ”

In response to the findings of the government, the Society of Motor Manufacturers in addition to also Traders (SMMT), which represents the viewpoint of the automotive industry, said: “What will be immediately obvious will be of which the cars of which were tested met the legal standards with the lack of evidence brand new to any different industry may use any type of laboratory technology cycle to identify the test

. ” The differences between the results of the official laboratory tests in addition to also those of which are inside “real world” are well known, in addition to also recognizes [in] the need for radical reform of the current system of testing industry, which does so not prefer. “

Commenting on the introduction of the test RDE in Europe, SMMT said the adjustments said,” require additional investments signficant by the manufacturers, however will add more transparency in order of which consumers can be more confident [of] industry will be to provide the air quality while providing ever more options “

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Source: UK government confirms VW the only car maker to use emissions cheat device

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