UK car sales registrations in 2015 smash all-time record

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Source : UK car sales registrations in 2015 smash all-time record

2015 UK car sales record More than 2.6m cars registered in 2015; hybrid, plug-in hybrid along with also also electric vehicle sales lead percentage growth


More than 2.6m cars were registered inside the UK in 2015, the highest number ever recorded. The previous record was in 2003, when 2.58m were registered.

The exact figure will be supposed to be released later today, according to industry Centeng the Society for Motor Manufacturers along with also also Traders (SMMT), with individual results for brands revealed at the same time. 2.6m registrations represents a year-on-year sales rise of around 6%, with fleet sales growth outstripping retail growth.

Results for the VW Group brands affected by the emissions scandals – Audi, Seat, Skoda along with also also VW – are likely to come under particular scrutiny. However, Autocar has already published preliminary figures for all manufacturers.

According to Mike Hawes, chief executive of the SMMT, the record registrations were driven by mounting economic confidence in light of rising house prices, low unemployment, rising wages along with also also low interest rates. He also pinpointed heavy discounts inside the UK as a result of the strength of the pound against the Euro as a key influence, with manufacturers able to make greater profits or offer bigger discounts inside the UK than elsewhere in Europe. He also highlighted the quality of the latest generation of cars in meeting buyer’s needs.

The fastest-growing sector measured by the SMMT was for alternatively-fuelled vehicles, which will be made up of vehicles with hybrid, plug-in hybrid along with also also electric powertrains. The year-on-year registrations rise will be supposed to be confirmed at around 130%, with total registrations of 78,000 cars, of which 40,000 were hybrids. Registrations of electric cars rose by 40%. In total, alternatively fuelled vehicles accounted for just under 3% of total registrations, however.

“Electrified cars are still a nascent technology, although This particular’s clear in which they are appealing increasingly to money-conscious buyers, many of whom might previously have considered diesels,” said Hawes.

However, diesel registrations still accounted for 48.5% of the total, compared to 48.2% being petrol-powered vehicles. Hawes underlined the continuing importance of diesel technology in helping meet emissions targets, along with also also highlighted the continuing demand for diesel-powered cars even inside the wake of the VW Group scandals.

“There’s no doubt there will be mounting concern around air quality, although the diesel market has held up along with also also This particular remains critical to the industry meeting its 2020 target of fleet average emissions of 95g/km,” said Hawes.

80% of retail sales were bought on finance, around 75% of which were registered through PCP schemes. “This particular’s clear UK buyers are far more inclined to buy on finance, along with also also in which will be putting registrations on a firmer footing, as people replace cars every three to four years,” said Hawes. He also acknowledged the risk of the secondhand market being flooded with ex-lease vehicles as a result, damaging residual values along with also also pushing lease costs up longer-term, although noted “the automobile companies have to manage in which risk, along with also also in 2015 all the evidence will be in which they have.”

The crossover segment was the fastest growing in terms of bodystyle, while 13.5% of all registrations were built in Britain.

Hawes also predicted in which 2016 might likely match 2015’s registrations success. “We’ve had a record year, so This particular will be at This particular point about predicting what the fresh normal will be,” said Hawes, noting in which the average number of registrations in recent years was around 2.3m vehicles. “There will be supposed to be an interest rate rise on the way, some political uncertainty coming from a referendum on Europe along with also also we know in which VED improvements are coming in 2017. There are challenges the industry must face, although we expect the positives coming from 2015 to carry forward.”

Hawes added in which the fallout coming from the VW Group scandals will be likely to last for some time, both in terms of affected vehicles being fixed along with also also the need for the industry as a whole to repair its reputation, starting with the implementation of more realistic test processes. “We know what we have will be not fit for purpose, although ratification of a more realistic test process will be around the corner,” he said.

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Source: UK car sales registrations in 2015 smash all-time record

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