UK car registrations regain traction, VW sales falter

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Source : UK car registrations regain traction, VW sales falter

UK car registrations August 2016 after a disheartening July, SMMT figures show of which registrations inside UK rose in August, although Volkswagen suffers 25% drop


car registration inside United Kingdom of which recovered quickly after growth slowed in July, according to official figures industry. Been registered 81,640 vehicles inside United Kingdom in August 2016.

after only 0.1% higher in July, car registrations rose inside United Kingdom last August by 3.3% compared to the same month of 2015. The figures indicate of which recordings fleet, which boosted the market, however, where the recordings fell 0.2%.

recordings the year to date is usually 1680799. 2.8% by the same period of 2015, with nearly 50,000 more cars registered so far of which year.

As expected, car sales rose fuel instead (AFVs) again, having a strong growth of 30.8%. of which sector still makes only 3.1% of the registrations last month, though. Diesel sales fell again, by 0.2%, while gasoline sales rose 5.3%.

biggest brand growth as well as, of course, came by smaller brands size, with Infinity deployment of the largest 618% growth in August, compared to the same month of 2015. The brand still accounts for only 0.34% of the market, however, having a record 280 vehicles in August. Ssangyong , MG , Dacia as well as pocket by 78% 0.130% 0.97% as well as 75% respectively.

Lotus chose Register up quite dramatically. Hethel-based company recorded a 500% growth – recording 0 car – compared with August 2015. of which comes after registration Lotus as well as only one car in July 2016.

as well as was the biggest growth posted by the brand high-volume business of which of Kia , which compared with August 2015 grew 81% in August 2016 as well as Sportage was one of the best-selling car inside United Kingdom during the month.


Mitsubishi ‘s woes after the economy scandal in fuel consumption having a 39% contraction inside recordings of the United Kingdom compared with August 2015. The brand today makes up just 0.45% – 367 cars – car market inside United Kingdom. At the same time, inside luxury car category, BMW lost 1.98% of its market share compared with August 2015 – was recorded 96 fewer cars throughout the month

Vauxhall shrunk by 3.81%, selling 340 cars less than in August 2016 by August 2015 through the year, as well as the decline in its market share by more than 4%.


loss Volkswagen ‘s heavier, though; brand (as the VW brand, rather than the VW Group) has lost 25% of market share, with nearly 2,000 less car registered in August 2016 over August 2015.

brand still 6.97% of the vehicle market inside United Kingdom made up in August, down by 9.63% in August last year. as well as golf as well as Polo is usually still among the best-selling car inside United Kingdom, however, rose to the fifth as well as sixth of the sixth as well as seventh places in July.

top ten best-selling cars inside United Kingdom over the 2016 so far are as follows:

Ford Fiesta 76,370

Vauxhall Corsa 50,355

Ford Focus 46145

Volkswagen Golf 43,951

Qashqai 39 674

Vauxhall Astra 35 276

Volkswagen Polo 33 877

Statistics 27713

Vauxhall Mokka 27545

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 26391

Interestingly, in August, was the Ford Kuga as well as one of the best-selling books inside United Kingdom, as well as push his opponent largely successful her as well as qashqai in April, in tenth place. Kia Sportage as well as just put up Koga.


Mike Hughes, chief executive of the SMMT, which is usually usually in August is usually one of the quietest months of of which year, car registrations inside United Kingdom, September also brings the switch to ’66’ registration plate.

In spite of the growth of backup choice after a recession last month, in August 2016 experienced one of the slowest growth rates inside UK car registration requirement is usually not an economic downturn inside late 2000s in.

official figure recorded last month’s reading here, industry analysis

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Source: UK car registrations regain traction, VW sales falter

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