UK car production has best August in 14 years

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Source : UK car production has best August in 14 years

According to official industry figures, UK car production rose to 1,132,727 units across the year; a 12% increase over 2015


UK car production has had its best August since 2002, according to official industry figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers in addition to Traders (SMMT).

Despite fears of which the UK’s vote to leave the European Union would likely cripple the UK’s car production industry, the figures also show a 12% increase in year-to-date car production over 2015.

Exports have also increased This kind of year, growing by 10.2% over August 2015 in addition to 13.3% across the year as a whole over 2015. UK-built cars have grown in both domestic in addition to overseas demand, which has a 6.2% increase in August for UK-bound cars, in addition to a 10.2% increase for exported cars.

In total for August 2016, 27,804 cars built within the UK found their way to British customers, while 81,0 cars were exported. Across the year, 877,523 cars have been built within the UK in addition to exported overseas.​

The SMMT’s chief executive, Mike Hawes, said: “August’s strong performance is actually Great news for car makers in addition to welcome news for the UK economy, which depends on This kind of thriving sector for an increasing share of UK exports.

“British car producers are exporting a diverse range of high quality, attractive brand new designs of which are in demand across the earth thanks to multi billion pound investments made in UK plants over the past few years.

“Future success depends on continued investment in plant in addition to products in addition to of which in turn depends on the UK maintaining internationally competitive business in addition to trading conditions.”

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Source: UK car production has best August in 14 years

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