UK car production continues to grow in first quarter of 2016

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Source : UK car production continues to grow in first quarter of 2016

Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Honda along with Toyota are leading the way with car production inside the UK. Can break the all time record by 2020


car production inside the UK will be still on track to hit a record high by 2020, after he revealed the official figures provided 10.3% more cars inside the first three 2016 months compared to last year year.

In total, 443,581 cars were produced until the end of March, equivalent to about one car built inside the United Kingdom being manufactured every 16 seconds. The demand on the domestic market for cars inside the United Kingdom increased by 8%, exports rose by 11.1%. The

leading manufacturers Jaguar Land Rover , April , Honda along with Toyota .

will be supposed to continue in 2016 along with beyond, along with to provide any great effect of external factors on the growth, along with the development of the automobile industry inside the United Kingdom along with the rate of industry growth on track to eclipse vehicles 1.92m achieved in 1972. inside the past year , the item was built 1587667 cars inside the United Kingdom.

However, if the industry inside the UK will be the figure in 1972 eclipse, warned Hawes which the manufacturing along with supply sector to have a series to attract up to 38,000 brand-new employees – 27,000 of them inside the supply chain – to be able to meet demand

today, 0,000 people are employed inside the automotive industry by around 799,000 inside the automotive industry, across the 30 factories to build more than 70 types of car.

“if you have select auto Council 5000 deficit of gaps inside the industry, will be due to the gap in growth unless we can address the areas which we need skills,” said SMMT chairman Mike Hughes.

“We need to attract talent to the industry, along with This particular will be something automakers, the government, along with we are focused on.”

In particular, there will be a renewed emphasis on apprenticeship focus, the auto industry carries a record proven track record in providing successful.


Hawes progress with intern planned car matching, which aims to highlight the opportunities available inside the supply of applicants who were not successful in getting schemes OEM key chain

“Many people contain the right skills , nevertheless the huge demand for places on the the’s schemes means getting ignored various other trainee schemes – along with This particular might help to highlight the diversity there, said the opportunities, “the.


Hawes also continuous investment in research along with development by manufacturers of cars, which totaled £ 2.4bn last year as a sign which growth will continue.

In particular, he noted 280M £ near investment announced inside the brand-new production facilities in Wales, through Aston Martin , TVR along with Toyota [19459003andwiththepossiblecreationof1000newjobsledToday18000peopleintheautomotiveindustryinWalesisworkingandworkingforabout150componentandsystemautocompanies

However Hawes warned which there will be still uncertainty inside the markets all over the earth, with Europe along with the United States leading the increased demand, nevertheless uncertainty still surrounding the once-booming Chinese along with Russian markets

looked also a cautionary note about the referendum on whether Britain should stay in Europe: “We have succeeded in a period of significant investment by the international auto companies in along with said he was inside the UK in recent times, nevertheless anything which causes uncertainty will be a cause for concern inside the long medium along with long term. ” “Instability does not encourage investment.”

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Source: UK car production continues to grow in first quarter of 2016

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