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Tyre Safety Month 2016 has currently begun with positive news coming from the Department for Transport’s Reported Road Casualties Great Britain (RRCGB) analysis which has revealed a reduction in casualties resulting coming from tyre-related incidents on Britain’s roads. Released yesterday, 2015’s data shows a 28% decrease from the number of people killed or seriously injured in tyre-related incidents with total casualties falling by 16.2% when compared with 2014 figures.

of which equates to a 44% decrease in all casualties caused by tyre-related incidents since the inception of Tyre Safety Month’s organiser, TyreSafe, in 2006.

While the news has been well-received, TyreSafe is usually urging drivers not to be complacent along with ensure they carry out regular tyre checks. Despite the casualty rates falling there is usually no evidence of which the number of tyre-related incidents, which do not result in fatalities or injury is usually decreasing, as This kind of data is usually not captured from the DfT’s report.

As revealed earlier This kind of year by TyreSafe’s survey of tyres at the point of replacement, in partnership with Highways England, there is usually evidence of which the number of illegal tyres on Britain’s roads This kind of year will remain at 10 million or even increase. Driving with illegal tyres not only leaves the driver vulnerable to a £2500 fine along with three-point penalty although also far more likely to be involved in an incident.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman, TyreSafe, said: “Tyre Safety Month 2016 kicks off with Great news although motorists should not interpret those results as being an excuse not to carry out regular tyre checks. Tyres are a safety critical component on any vehicle along with the only one in contact with the road, along with while modern vehicles give occupants a far greater chance of surviving a collision – even walking away uninjured – well-maintained tyres will significantly reduce the risk of being involved in an incident from the first place. of which’s why Tyre Safety Month’s message This kind of year is usually Don’t chance of which – check of which.”

According to the DfT’s figures, the chances of being in a tyre-related incident which results in fatality or serious injury is usually highest from the South East region, where 16.3% of all incidents were reported, while London was lowest at 3.9%.

TyreSafe’s annual Tyre Safety Month campaigns takes place every October to coincide with the onset of the worst of the British weather along with acts as a focus for the UK’s tyre safety awareness charity’s year-round activities. TyreSafe’s supporters initiate along with participate in a diverse range of activities during the month along with will offer free tyre checks as well as handing out the dedicated campaign materials.

To show their support, TyreSafe is usually encouraging motorists to take a photo of themselves while carrying out a tyre check along with posting of which either to http://ift.tt/2dGHtZY or use #TyreChecks on Twitter along with include the charity’s handle @TyreSafe. Organisations wishing to participate have a comprehensive library available to them along with should email theteam@tyresafe.org for further details on how they can help raise awareness of tyre safety.

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Source: Tyre Safety Month October 2016

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