Turbocharged Kia Soul set for launch which winter

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Source : Turbocharged Kia Soul set for launch which winter

Kia Soul Turbo along with Kia Soul Turbo on the road. Promotional video recently Kia plans to introduce the spirit of performance-oriented at the end of which year


, Kia has revealed Spirit Turbo production style will begin in winter 2016, according to a video released by the Kia American Motors.

offered no photos of the style from the video, along with the only reference to which from the list of a variant of the Spirit line-up at the end of the video, which provides for the “2016 spirit – gas, electricity, along with Turbo (Winter 2016).”

style will not take GT badge used by performance variables of Cee’d along with Procee’d , yet which might be GT- point line , indicating a warm slot style approach, rather than the full hot slot mode. which was officially confirm any name, however.

Although nature can be hot hatch of which style, which will use the same 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine along with GT designs, albeit from the form of de-tuned. along with Cee’d along with Procee’d GT have a 201bhp variation of the engine, yet which can be expected which the engine used from the same condition as which takes in Sportage , with 174bhp spirit. which does, however, use DCT 7-speed transfer of Kia.

glimpsed Kia style Soul option performance-oriented since the disclosure of the concept Track’ster 244bhp in 2012, although a spokesman for Kia suggested which the style does not take cues design of which concept, along with instead will follow design of the spirit of high specification equipped urban package, also plans not to make Kia soul full performance.

expect the style to be displayed at the end of which year, in a similar time or earlier than the US auto market, after the introduction of the spirit of the facelifted in August. Facelift brings revisions to the front along with rear lights along with bumpers, yet the lateral distinctive spirit remains the same.

Prices for the facelifted spirit can be likely to take a modest rise through the starting point of the current spirit £ 12,995, so they will begin to just above £ 13,000. which can be likely to be priced around £ 21 500 from the sample warmed the soul.

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Source: Turbocharged Kia Soul set for launch which winter

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