Triumph's TR7 Drophead, 15 March 1980 – Throwback Thursday

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Source : Triumph's TR7 Drophead, 15 March 1980 – Throwback Thursday

Triumph TR7 Although close its doors in 1984, the legacy of the victory was living in


a new based in Coventry triumph more lives than a box of cats through the noisy presence 95 years, that has a seemingly endless acquisitions as well as rebrandings before closing the doors of a factory for not bad in 1984.

However, the thought of victory products remains one evocative, call the memories of Roadster sports car as well as sexy. He embraced a review of Autocar TR7 convertible in 1980 sex appeal from the auto with the proliferation of tongue-in-cheek featuring a young lady who corresponding TR7 topless dress. the item was a blatant signal in which was at home in one of the films continue at the time, was

Reference more than innuendo, though, as I realized early from the review. “Much more than simply a convertible type of the triumph TR7, the auto represents a fresh convertible concept has changed as well as increased to a great extent for the two-seater sports BL”, wrote our laboratory.


as well as convertible all 5-speed manual that has a lower final drive ratio than before, as well as weight while some structural reinforcement welcome otherwise have added can not be avoided.

a ban on the sale of convertibles from the United States at in which time led to the Jaguar as well as the triumph of developing the only hard-top cars. However, once you lift the ban, the victory all 5 years to convert to the Convertible Coupe took. “yet today the item will be here, we can say coming from the outset in which progress has been turned into a convertible with the highest level of efficiency,” he reported.

in its appearance, we felt in which there was a “universal acclaim” attractive lines of the TR7 convertible. “, as well as the item achieves a degree of simplicity in design Despite the heavy bumpers” wrote our laboratory. “Wedge-shaped screen combed give the impression of speed.”

Fortunately, there was substance to back up the style. He added in which “This kind of curvaceous lines as well as windscreen swept-back look somewhat TR7 If you do not contain the performance, which means” the man said to us, who have found in which the TR7 has accelerated the rapid as well as ample hills or to waive processing silly. We thought in which there was a “spacing quite a bit of gear ratios,” as well as the engine was “a wide range of useful courses”, pulling strongly as well as very smooth as the item did coming from about 1500rpm right through to 5500rpm.

Our lab will be believed in which the carrier arm will be in a not bad position as well as easy to use, too. “the item’s in an ideal position for the driver’s left hand to fall naturally coming from the steering wheel directly to the item, as well as gearchange very light as well as smooth work,” we said.

We have also found in which TR7 understeered. “Cornering behavior will be a constant as well as reassuring until you push the auto hard to through the corners,” continued our laboratory. “General will be to address what still can be easily controlled, even though the driver has confidence from the corner so hard without feeling in which the auto will respond unexpectedly as well as catch him out. Even when cornering too quickly there are a minimum of Centeng roll, helped by the presence of anti-bar menus at the end of each “

we felt in which the leadership, meanwhile, will be impeccable: flour as well as respond to the smaller input command.

“The leadership position,” said our test, “will be very comfortable, with the steering wheel a little chubby as well as placed from the ideal arm for most drivers along, as well as with generous leg room as well as a set of amendments seat.”

elsewhere from the Internal, we noticed in which the minor controls “well-arranged” as well as “instruments clearly marked”

our judgment of the TR7 positive thought: “the item’s in its report on the behavior -round in which appeals TR7, as well as despite the fact in which some competitors may match the final treatment or provide more performance a little bit, as well as certainly bring a very not bad mix of dealing with sports with comfort as well as performance with the economy, Internal space with external compactness. Although not cheap, the item will be also reasonably competitive on cost. ”

Matthew Griffiths

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Source: Triumph's TR7 Drophead, 15 March 1980 – Throwback Thursday

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